10 Interesting Weymouth Facts

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Check Weymouth Facts to know more about a seaside town in Dorset, England. It is located 5 miles and 7 miles of Isle of Portland and Dorchester respectively. In 2011, the town was a home for 52,323 people. The primary sources of economy in Weymouth depend on the visitor attractions and harbor. The people always consider it as a tourist resort.  The famous attraction nearby Weymouth is Jurassic Coast. It earns the UNESCO heritage status.

Weymouth Facts 1: Weymouth Harbour

The cross-channel ferries are housed in Weymouth.  You can also spot the private yachts and pleasure boats in the harbor.

Weymouth Facts 2: the sailing academy

If you are interested to learn more about sailing, why don’t you attend Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy?  2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics Games were the important sporting event conducted here.

Weymouth Facts

Weymouth Facts

Weymouth Facts 3: the history

There are various historical events attributed to Weymouth. The preparation of the Second World War took place in this borough.  The architecture reflected the Georgian style. The borough is also associated with the spread of Black Death. Look at facts about Western Sahara here.

Weymouth Facts 4: the climate

The temperate climate is spotted in Weymouth, England. The annual and daily temperatures only have small variation.

Weymouth Pic

Weymouth Pic

Weymouth Facts 5: the annual mean temperature

The annual mean temperature of Weymouth was 52.2 degrees F or 11.2 degrees C from 1981 until 2010.

Weymouth Facts 6: the coolest and warmest months

February is the coolest month, which has the temperature of 38.7 to 47.1 degrees F. August is the warmest month with the average temperature of 57.4 to 68.2 degrees F.

Weymouth Sport

Weymouth Sport

Weymouth Facts 7: the population

Weymouth was inhabited by 52,323 people in 2011. It has 25,174 dwellings. The population density is measured at 2,800 inhabitants per sq km. The white British made up 94.9 percent of the population. Christianity was embraced by at least 61 percent of the population.

Weymouth Facts 8: crime rates

Compared to England and Wales, the crime rate in Weymouth is lower. It has 7.6 burglaries per 1000 household. The former two ones have 11.6 burglaries per 1000 households.



Weymouth Facts 9: unemployment

Weymouth has low level of unemployment. The largest industry in town is tourism. People come to Weymouth to visit the shopping centers, aquarium, museums, lakes, beaches and coast. The town center features guesthouses and hotels located at the seafront for the tourist accommodation. Get facts about Veneto here.

Weymouth Facts 10: the festivals and events

The festivals and events found in Weymouth include the yearly carnival, motocross, beach volleyball, dragon boat racing and firework festivals.

Weymouth Pictures

Weymouth Pictures

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