10 Interesting Whitby Facts

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Whitby Facts inform the readers with the seaside port, town and civil parish. If you come to North Yorkshire, England, do not forget to visit Whitby.   It is famous in England as a tourist, mineral and maritime town. Cædmon was the prominent English poet who lived in Whitby Abbey. The ruins are located at the East Cliff. The whaling and herring fleets were supported by the fishing port.  Do you know that the notable Captain Cook learned his seamanship here?

Whitby Facts 1: tourism

Whitby is famous in England due to its amazing tourism. Since the Gregorian era, people have come to Whitby. In 1839, it was fully developed due to the presence of railway.

Whitby Facts 2: the nearby attractions

The reputation of Whitby as a tourist attraction is improved for the location is nearby other attractions such as North York Moors National Park.



Whitby Facts 3: Dracula

Dracula is the famous novel of Bram Stoker. The reputation of Whitby is also improved due to the novel for it depicts a scene in the town. Look at facts about Weymouth here.

Whitby Facts 4: Whitby Jet

In 19th century, it was common for the people to mine Whitby Jet. The origin of the mines was traced back during the Roman and Victorian era.

Whitby Pic

Whitby Pic

Whitby Facts 5: the permanent settlement

In 656, the permanent settlement in town was traced back during the founding of Streanœhealh. The first abbey was established by Christian king of Northumbria. His name was Oswy. In 664, the town held the Synod of Whitby.

Whitby Facts 6: monastery

In 1078,   another monastery was established.  The Viking raiders had damaged the early monastery in 867.  The term Whitby was coined after the new monastery was established on the damaged site. The term Whitby means white settlement. It was taken from Old Norse language.

Whitby Image

Whitby Image

Whitby Facts 7: the function of Whitby

Whitby became the center of whaling and shipbuilding with its center and port in 18th century. A century before, it was only recognized as a fishing settlement.

Whitby Facts 8: the trade in 18th century

Whitby was also famous due to the manufacturing of Whitby jet jewelry and alum mining.

Whitby Facts

Whitby Facts

Whitby Facts 9: the most notable landmark

The most notable landmark in Whitby is the Whitby abbey located at the peak of East Cliff. Look at facts about Swanage here.

Whitby Facts 10: other impressive features

Other impressive features to find in Whitby include the statues of William Scoresby and Captain Cook and swing bridge. The latter one is enlisted as grade II building.

Facts about Whitby

Facts about Whitby

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