10 Interesting Uttoxeter Facts

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The market town located in Staffordshire, England is elaborated in Uttoxeter Facts.  According to the 2011 census, it was inhabited by Uttoxeter. The people who lived here were only 12,023 at the 2001 census. The location of this town is close to Lichfield, Derby and Stoke-on-Trent. It is a home to various industries. Let us check other interesting facts about Uttoxeter in the following post below:

Uttoxeter Facts 1: the primary employer

Have you ever heard about JCB? The company is focused on the agricultural equipment. Rocester is the home of its headquarters. The town is rich with the dairy farms since the local economy also lies on the agriculture. In the past, the locals traded cheese and butter.

Uttoxeter Facts 2: other factories

Uttoxeter is also a home to Fox’s Biscuits. In the past, the factory was called Elkes and Adams.

Uttoxeter Facts

Uttoxeter Facts

Uttoxeter Facts 3: tourism

Tourism is also a major source of the town’s economy due to its near location with the Peak District National Park, St. George’s Park National Football Centre and Alton Towers Theme Park and Resort. Check facts about Lille here.

Uttoxeter Facts 4: Uttoxeter Racecourse

People also love to visit Uttoxeter due to its Racecourse. The town is also filled with a lot of markets and shops.

Uttoxeter Race

Uttoxeter Race

Uttoxeter Facts 5: the renovations

In 2006 until 2007, the town had a major development. The street furniture and new stove paving were spotted in High Street, Carter Street, Queens Street, Market Place and Market Street.

Uttoxeter Facts 6: the development and expansion

In 1998, Uttoxeter had the opening of Dovefields Retail Park. The edge featured Tesco Supermarket. In 2002, the Retail Park had major expansion. The town featured a cinema, ice rink, bowling alley, fitness center and children’s crèche for its entertainment development in 2005.



Uttoxeter Facts 7: Carter Square

In 2004, Carter Square was opened in the town after replacing the old Cattle Market.

Uttoxeter Facts 8: visiting Uttoxeter

If you are interested to visit Uttoxeter, the nearest airport is located 29 miles of the city at the East Midlands. Get facts about Tehran here.

Facts about Uttoxeter

Facts about Uttoxeter

Uttoxeter Facts 9: Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin designed the first church in the town. The church is called St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The Houses of Parliament and Alton Towers are the other building designed by him.

Uttoxeter Facts 10: the point of interest on Carter Street

One of the points of interest is Redfern’s Cottage: Museum of Uttoxeter Life. It displays the local history. In 2017, it features a cafe.

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