10 Interesting Wigan Facts

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Wigan Facts narrate the story about a town located in greater Manchester. In Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, it takes the status as the largest settlement. In 2011, Wigan was a home for 97,000 people.  The people who lived in the wider borough were around 318,100 people. During the classical antiquity, Wigan was included in territory of an ancient Celtic tribe called the Brigantes. During the first century, the Roman conquest on Britain made the Brigantes defeated.  Check out the complete details about Wigan below:

Wigan Facts 1: as a borough

In 1246, Wigan was incorporated as a borough after King Henry III of England issued a charter.

Wigan Facts 2: industrial revolution

Industrial revolution affected the economy of Wigan. The population of the town was increased rapidly where it enjoyed the fast economic expansion.

Wigan facts

Wigan facts

Wigan Facts 3: the main industries

Wigan was a home to various major industries such as clock making, porcelain manufacturing, coal mining and mill town. Check facts about Weymouth here.

Wigan Facts 4: the first coal mine

In 1450, Wigan had its first coal mine.  During its heyday, the town featured at least 1,000 pit shafts. Most of them were located 8 kilometer or 5 miles from the center of Wigan. In the latter half of 20th century, coal mining was declined.

Wigan Pic

Wigan Pic

Wigan Facts 5: George Orwell

George Orwell was the notable writer who created Wigan Pier, a wharf on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The book narrated how the local residents had to deal with poor living conditions and working in the town in 1930s.

Wigan Facts 6: the historical and culture center

The historical and culture center of Wigan now is located in Wigan Pier’s collection of warehouses and wharfs. Get facts about Whitby here.

Wigan Seal

Wigan Seal

Wigan Facts 7: the stadium

The famous stadium in Wigan is DW Stadium. Wigan Warriors Rugby League Football Club and Wigan Athletic Football Club are housed in the stadium. A bronze statue of Dave Whelan has been located outside the stadium after being unveiled in his 80th birthday on November 24th, 2016.

Wigan Facts 8: the population

In 2011, Wigan was a home for 99,391 people.  The people who lived in the Urban Subdivision of Wigan reached 103.608 individuals.

Facts about Wigan

Facts about Wigan

Wigan Facts 9: Grand Arcade shopping centre

On March 22nd, 2007, Grand Arcade shopping centre was opened in Wigan. Wigan Pier Quarter will be the new term used to re-brand the developed area around the pier.

Wigan Facts 10: Trencherfield Mill

There will be 200 apartments, shops, a cafe, a restaurant and a hotel located at Trencherfield Mill.

Wigan Map

Wigan Map

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