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One of the notable regions in Italy is elaborated on Veneto Facts. The Latin name for the region is Venetia. In Italy, it takes the fifth most populous region with its five million inhabitants.  Venice is the largest city as well as the capital of Veneto. Until the fifth century AD, Veneto was included under the control of Roman Empire. Until 1797, it was controlled under the Republic of Venice. It appeared as a one of the wealthiest and largest maritime republics in the world for centuries. The Austrian empire annexed Republic of Venice after the end of the Napoleonic Wars and Congress of Vienna. Let us check other useful facts about Veneto below:

Veneto Facts 1: under the Kingdom of Italy

In 1866, Kingdom of Italy took over Veneto. The Venetians were used to describe the people who lived here according to the Statute of Veneto.

Veneto Facts 2: the language

Venetian is spoken by most people who live in Veneto alongside with the Italian language.

Facts about Veneto

Facts about Veneto

Veneto Facts 3: the immigrants

Veneto is a home to diverse immigrants who come from Europe and other countries. A mass emigration took place in a long period. In 2008, there were 454,453 foreigners living in Veneto. The Moroccan and Romanian are the current people who migrate to Veneto.

Veneto Facts 4: the government

Lega Nord is founded by the Venetist/Padanist Liga Veneta. It was considered as largest party in Veneto. Luca Zaia is the current president of Veneto. He earned 60.2 percent of votes in 2010 election.

Veneto Facts

Veneto Facts

Veneto Facts 5: the brief history of Veneto

Veneto was occupied by the Euganei in the second and first millennium BC. It was believed the Veneti were from Paphlagonia in Anatolia according to the ancient historians.

Veneto Facts 6: the Venetic culture

In the fourth century BC, the peak of Veneti culture was spotted.  Venetic language was spoken by those people. Find facts about Venezuela here.

Veneto Pictures

Veneto Pictures

Veneto Facts 7: administration

Veneto is divided into 581 municipalities and 7 provinces. The most populous one is the Province of Padua.

Veneto Facts 8: the regional economy

The regional economy of Veneto lies on the agricultural sector. The foothills are planted with vines, fruits and gardening production. Check facts about Palau here.

Veneto History

Veneto History

Veneto Facts 9: the primary agricultural products

The green peas, maize, cherries, vegetables, sugar beets, tobacco, forage and apples are some major agricultural products from Veneto.

Veneto Facts 10: tourism

Another important sector in the city is tourism, which attracts at least 60 million people annually.



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