10 Interesting Western Sahara Facts

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Western Sahara Facts tell the readers about a disputed territory in Africa. Morocco has parts of it. It spans on the area of 103,000 square miles or 266,000 sq km. It has low number of population due to the high amount of desert land in Western Sahara. There are 500,000 people living here. Laayoune is occupied by 40 percent of the total population. There is no need to wonder that it earns the status as the largest city. Check other interesting facts about Western Sahara below:

Western Sahara Facts 1: the natural resources

The natural resources of Western Sahara are limited even though it has phosphate reserves and fishing waters. The agricultural activities are not well supported due to lack of fresh water resources and rainfalls.

Western Sahara Facts 2: phosphate reserves

Phosphate reserves only account for 2 percent of national economy. Thus, it receives an unimportant status in Western Sahara. Look at facts about Veneto here.

Western Sahara Facts

Western Sahara Facts

Western Sahara Facts 3: the status of West Sahara

West Sahara has the non-self-governing status. Thus, it will be difficult to perform exploitation if it has the natural gas or oil fields.

Western Sahara Facts 4: the economy

Almost two thirds of the labors in West Sahara are employed on the phosphate mining and fishing industry.

Western Sahara Image

Western Sahara Image

Western Sahara Facts 5: other sources of economy

The economy of West Sahara is also contributed by tourism and agriculture. The Moroccan government considers West Sahara as its de facto southern province. Thus, the government controls all economic activities in Western Sahara. The populations who live here get all foods from Morocco.

Western Sahara Facts 6: encouraging the citizens

The citizens of Morocco are encouraged by the government to relocate and live in West Sahara by giving them price control on basic goods and subsidies.

Western Sahara Pic

Western Sahara Pic

Western Sahara Facts 7: Sahrawis

Sharawis is a term used to call the indigenous people who live in Western Sahara. However, the Moroccan people often call them Southern Berbers or Southerners. Find facts about West Brisbane here.

Western Sahara Facts 8: the population

The Moroccan-controller parts of Western Sahara were a home for 267,405 people as of July 2014.

Western Sahara

Western Sahara

Western Sahara Facts 9: Museum of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army

Western Sahara has a museum located in a refugee camp. It is called Museum of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army. It displays vehicles, weapons and uniforms of Western Saharan people who looked for independence.

Western Sahara Facts 10: Spanish rule

In 1884 until 1976, Western Sahara was ruled by Spanish.

Facts about Western Sahara

Facts about Western Sahara

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