10 Interesting Swanage Facts

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Get the interesting information about the coastal and civil parish which has the population of 9,601 people based on the report in 2011 on Swanage Facts. The location of this town is on the south east of Dorset, England. During the Victorian era, the town was developed. It was known as a fishing village in the past. It had a small port. Here are other interesting facts about Swanage to note.

Swanage Facts 1: Swanage today

Today Swanage is famous as a tourist destination. People love to spend their vacation here due to the resorts. During the peak summer season, thousands of visitors will fulfill this small town. They will love to enjoy the fabulous and relaxing sandy beaches.

Swanage Facts 2: the two conservation areas

There are two conservation areas located in Swanage. Both are Herston Conservation Area and Swanage Conservation Area. You can also find out a lot of listed buildings. You can also reach the Jurassic Coast here.

Swanage Beaches

Swanage Beaches

Swanage Facts 3: Mowlem Theatre

Mowlem Theatre is considered as the largest facility in Swanage. In 1967, it was opened. The location of the theatre is at the former Mowlem Institute. It is used as a cinema and theatre at the same time. It can accommodate around 400 people. It also has shops, restaurant and bar.

Swanage Facts 4: the famous attractions

Besides the sandy beaches, you can also enjoy the annual events and festivals in Swanage. The carnival week usually is conducted during the summer months.

Swanage Image

Swanage Image

Swanage Facts 5: the carnival week

During the carnival week, you can see a lot of fireworks displays, dance performance, live music, and procession of floats.

Swanage Facts 6: the successful festivals

There are various successful festivals held in Swanage. The local and national spectators are interested to watch the festivals. You can spot the blues festivals, folk festivals, food festival and jazz festivals.

Swanage Beauty

Swanage Beauty

Swanage Facts 7: Thomas the Tank Engine

In the past, people could enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine.  This theme event used the railway to conduct it. Due to the expensive price, it was not held again. Find facts about Stockport here.

Swanage Facts 8: New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve attracts a lot of people. During the midnight, many people gather in High Street. The people usually will dress up with the fancy dress and costumes.

Swanage facts

Swanage facts

Swanage Facts 9: tourism

Tourism is considered as the main industry in Swanage.  Most people work in the tourism industry while others decide to look for the jobs in the nearby areas. Get facts about Stratford Upon Avon here.

Swanage Facts 10: the town center

If you visit the town center, you can find out different types of bars, cafes, pubs, local retailers, and resto. The cafes, fish restaurant, ice cream outlets and arcades are in the seafront.

Swanage Pic

Swanage Pic

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