10 Interesting Daniel Webster Facts

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If you want to know the leading American statesman and senator, check Daniel Webster Facts. He was famous in 1828 until 1854 when United States still applied the Second Party System.  The personal loyalty and interest of the voters were increased. Webster was born on 18th January 1782 and died on 24th October 1852. Here are other interesting facts about Webster to note:

Daniel Webster Facts 1: the oratory

Webster was recognized as a wonderful orator in United States. He often spoke about the American nationalism. Therefore, he was appointed as the Whig leader.

Daniel Webster Facts 2: the opposition

He and his party opposed the Democratic Party for they were conservatives under Andrew Jackson. Webster liked to talk about the industry, banking and modernization in his oratory.

Daniel Webster Facts

Daniel Webster Facts

Daniel Webster Facts 3: the career in House of Representatives

Webster was the representative of New Hampshire in the House of Representative. Then he represented Massachusetts. He sat on the House of Representative for 8 years. He was involved in the national politics of United States in his 40s.

Daniel Webster Facts 4: the Senate

Webster represented Massachusetts and sat as the Senate for nineteen years. During the presidency of Millard Fillmore, John Tyler and William Henry Harrison, he was appointed as the Secretary of State for United States.

Daniel Webster Images

Daniel Webster Images

Daniel Webster Facts 5: Webster as a diplomat

Webster is also notable as a diplomat. One of his achievements was the diplomacy with Great Britain. It resulted Webster–Ashburton Treaty. Find facts about Bills of Right here.

Daniel Webster Facts 6: the greatest speech

In the history of senate, the speeches that Webster created are included as the greatest ones. One of them was “Reply to Hayne” in 1830.

Daniel Webster Pic

Daniel Webster Pic

Daniel Webster Facts 7: hope to become a president

Webster was well known in United States during his era, he could not get the position as a president of United States. He tried to win the election three times and failed them. Get facts about Constitutional Convention here.

Daniel Webster Facts 8: one of the greatest senators of United States

Webster along with Robert A. Taft, Robert La Follette, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun were considered as the five greatest United States Senators in 1957 by a senate committee.

Daniel Webster Pictures

Daniel Webster Pictures

Daniel Webster Facts 9: parents

Webster was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire in 1782. His parents were Ebenezer and Abigail Webster.

Daniel Webster Facts 10: the early life

Webster spent his childhood time in the farm of his parents. He had 9 siblings.

Facts about Daniel Webster

Facts about Daniel Webster

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