10 Interesting Vincent van Gogh Facts

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The notable painter who influenced the history of western art is elaborated on Vincent van Gogh Facts. If you are an art lover, you must know about him. He was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who was born on 30 March 1853 and died on 29 July 1890 in France. His full name is Vincent Willem van Gogh. He was a productive artist since he had painted around 2,100 artworks for a decade. Let us find out the impressive facts about Gogh below:

Vincent van Gogh Facts 1: the characters of Gogh’s artworks

The artworks of Gogh established the foundation of modern art.  Gogh applied the expressive, impulsive and dramatic brushwork when creating the self-portraits, portraits, still life and landscapes. Moreover, he also used the bold colors.

Vincent van Gogh Facts 2: the death of Van Gogh

Due to the metal illness and poverty, Gogh killed himself when he was 37.

facts about Vincent van Gogh

facts about Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh Facts 3: the family background and early life

Gogh was a thoughtful, quiet and serious child. He came from an upper-middle-class family.  When he relocated to London, he had to deal with depression. At first, he travelled a lot due to his work as an art dealer when he was young. See facts about the Last Supper here.

Vincent van Gogh Facts 4: living in southern Belgium

Gogh lived in southern Belgium as a Protestant missionary when he decided to focus on the religion.

Vincent van Gogh facts

Vincent van Gogh facts

Vincent van Gogh Facts 5: painting activity

In 1881, Gogh started to paint after he was ill and enjoyed the solitude. He lived again with his parents. He was supported financially by Theo, his brother. Both stayed in contact by sending letters.

Vincent van Gogh Facts 6: the early works of Gogh

He used a few signs of vivid hues in his earlier works, which depicted the peasant laborers. He also creates the still life.

Vincent van Gogh young

Vincent van Gogh young

Vincent van Gogh Facts 7: moving to Paris

Gogh met the notable members of avant-garde movement, which fought against the impressionist such as Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard when he relocated to Paris in 1886.

Vincent van Gogh Facts 8: the development of his artworks

Over the years, he developed a new style when creating artworks. He applied the bold and bright colors when making the painting of local landscapes and still life. Get facts about French Impressionist here.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh Facts 9: in Arles, France

In 1888, Gogh settled in Arles, France where he used wider subjects for his art painting. He painted sunflowers, wheat fields, cypresses and olive trees.

Vincent van Gogh Facts 10: the metal illness

Gogh experienced the delusions and psychotic episodes.  He had bad lifestyle by drinking heavily and eating improperly even though he concerned about his health.

Gogh Work

Gogh Work

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