10 Interesting Mary Kay Ash Facts

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Mary Kay Ash Facts explore the information about the famous American business women. She was knows as the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. She struggled a lot to make her cosmetic industry as a one of the top companies in the world. Let’s find out more about Mary Kay Ash by reading the following post below:

Mary Kay Ash Facts 1: life span

May Kay was born on 12 May 1918 in Hot Wells, Harris County, Texas. She passed away on 22 November 2001. She was born with the full name Mary Kathlyn Wagner.

Mary Kay Ash Facts 2: parents

Her mother was Lula Vember Hastings Wagner. Even though her mother was trained as a nurse, but she became a manager in a restaurant located in Houston. Her father was Edward Alexander Wagner.

Mary Kay Ash Bussinesswoman

Mary Kay Ash Bussinesswoman

Mary Kay Ash Facts 3: early education

For her early education, Mary went to Dow Elementary School and Reagan High School in Houston.  She left the school in 1934.

Mary Kay Ash Facts 4: Ben Rogers

When Mary Kay was 17 years old, she married Ben Rogers. Both had three children. She worked as a saleswoman who sold books door to door. At that time, her husband Ben served in World War II. When Ben returned from the war, both divorced. Then Mary worked for Stanley Home Products.

Mary Kay Ash Facts

Mary Kay Ash Facts

Mary Kay Ash Facts 5: George Arthur Hallenbeck

George Arthur Hallenbeck was her second husband. Both had a plan to start Mary Kay cosmetics in 1963. However, her husband died because of heart attack a month before they made Beauty by Mary Kay Company.

Mary Kay Ash Facts 6: Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics was started with a $5,000 investment from his son, Ben Rogers, Jr. It was operated in Dallas. The company was very successful and it uses the multilevel marketing system which allows women to work and gain success. Check makeup facts here.

Mary Kay Ash Image

Mary Kay Ash Image

Mary Kay Ash Facts 7: awards

There are numerous awards that Mary Kay collected. She has the Horatio Alger Award. You can also see her name inducted at Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 1996.

Mary Kay Ash Facts 8: Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation

Mary Kay is very concerned with the life of the women. She created Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation which is used to raise money to fight against cancer and domestic violence for women.

Mary Kay Ash quote

Mary Kay Ash quote

Mary Kay Ash Facts 9: Chairman Emeritus

Mary Kay Ash was called Chairman Emeritus when she became the chairman of Mary Kay cosmetics in 1987.

Mary Kay Ash Facts 10: women on Mary Kay Company

May Kay Company is included as one of the best 10 companies for women to work.

Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay passed away on 22 November 2001. She was buried in Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery in Dallas, Texas. Are you inspired after reading facts about Mary Kay Ash?

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