10 Interesting Valencia Facts

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The following Valencia Facts will impress the readers with the insight about the third Spanish largest city. The administrative center of Valencia is inhabited by 800,000 people.  The population is around 1.5 to 1.6 million residents living in the urban area of Valencia. The metropolitan area is occupied by 1.7 to 2.5 million people.  In Europe, the fifth busiest container port is housed within Valencia.  In the Mediterranean Sea, it is the busiest one.

Valencia Facts 1: who founded Valencia?

In 138 BC, the consul Decimus Junius Brutus Callaicus established Valencia as a Roman colony.  It was named Valentia Edetanorum.

Valencia Facts 2: the Muslims

The new religion, customs and languages were introduced after the city was inhabited by the Muslims in 711. It became the capital of Taifa of Valencia where the people learn on how to cultivate new crops and to provide the irrigation system.

Valencia Images

Valencia Images

Valencia Facts 3: king James I of Aragon

The city was controlled by Christian King James I of Aragon in 1238.  The land of Valencia was shared with other nobles for the king owned their help during the conquering process. Check facts about Sydney here.

Valencia Facts 4: the history

Valencia is rich with history. There is no need to wonder that many tourists visit the city during their traveling to Spain. The historic area covers 169 ha.  It attracts the people with the rich culture, history and ancient monuments.

Valencia Food

Valencia Food

Valencia Facts 5: the climate

People enjoy the climate of Valencia. It has the dry and long summer. The winter season is very mild and short.  During the day, it has the average temperature of 18.4 degrees Celsius. During the night, it has the average temperature of 13.8 degrees C.

Valencia Facts 6: the economy

Tourism is one of the crucial economic sectors in the city.   The service-oriented economy is the major one. Around 5.5 percent of the residents still work in the industrial sector. The municipality is still filled with agriculture.

Valencia Dishes

Valencia Dishes

Valencia Facts 7: an improved European city

Even though the economic crisis had affected Valencia, it grows well today. Various fields have been influenced by Valencia such as the art, science and fashion

Valencia Facts 8: a factor

Ford Motor Company is housed in Valencia. It is located in Almussafes. Get facts about Tehran here.



Valencia Facts 9: the metropolitan area and GDP

The GDP of the metropolitan area reached $52.7 billion.

Valencia Facts 10: the local festival

The prominent local festival in Valencia takes place in March. It is called Les Falles or Falles.

Valencia Facts

Valencia Facts

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