10 Interesting Nottingham Facts

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014. | Cities

If you are interested to know one of the famous cities in United Kingdom, you have to check Nottingham Facts. One of the famous people from Nottingham is Lord Byron. People were amazed with his literary text. If you want to know other poets, places to visit, and interesting days in Nottingham, check the post below:

Nottingham Facts 1: DH Lawrence

DH Lawrence is another famous poet from Nottingham. Do you know that DH Lawrence was born in Eastwood? It is still a part of Nottingham. Another important legend in Nottingham is the notable Robin Hood.

Nottingham Facts 2: Nottingham’s Goose Fair

Nottingham’s Goose Fair is an important occasion in Nottingham. You can come to the city and see the fair in the first week of October. This fair was originated in 1284.

Nottingham Facts

Nottingham Facts

Nottingham Facts 3: color of Nottingham

Nottingham is always associated with green color. There are many public places in the city painted in green such as the gates, bus stops and lamp posts.

Nottingham Facts 4: Jermaine Jenas

Jermaine Jenas is another famous person from Nottingham. He was born in Carlton, Nottingham. He was the famous team player from QPR.

Nottingham Pictures

Nottingham Pictures

Nottingham Facts 5: Gladiators

Gladiators is one of the famous 1990s shows. Do you know that it was filmed in the Kimbolton Avenue? If you want to know the magnificent doorstep, check the avenue now.

Nottingham Facts 6: shopping

When you visit a new city, you always want to go shopping.  The unique place for shopping in Nottingham is Broadmarsh shopping centre. You have to be careful when you shop alone since it has 500 caves. You might be lost here.

Nottingham Scenery

Nottingham Scenery

Nottingham Facts 7: Wollaton Hall

Wollaston Hall is the home of Batman. If you have watched 2012 Batman film, Dark Knight Rises, you must be aware with the classic Wayne Manor.  The setting was at Nottingham’s renowned Wollaston Hall.

Nottingham Facts 8: Video Cassette Recorder

The invention of Video Cassette Recorder was held at Nottingham.  With VCR, it will be easy for you to record the favorite TV shows. The first one enabled you to record 20 minutes of show in black and white. It had the price of £60.

Nottingham Town

Nottingham Town

Nottingham Facts 9: John Peake Knight

John Peake Knight was the Nottingham High School pupil who created as a revolving gas powered lantern with red and green light. It was located for the first time near the house of Common in London. The function is similar with the traffic light. Check London eye facts here.

Nottingham Facts 10: Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the famous names in fashion industry. Actually Smith wanted to become professional cyclist. So he decided to give up school at the age 14 years. But because of the accident, he had to let go the dream.



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