10 Interesting Oxford University Facts

Friday, September 19th 2014. | Education

Here are the interesting Oxford University Facts if you want to know one of the most famous universities in the world. The students in Oxford are around 22,000 people. You can find 9,850 postgraduates and 11,722 undergraduate’s students here. Check the following for detail facts about Oxford University:

Oxford University Facts 1: course quality

If we talk about the quality of course in Oxford University, you must be impressed. It is included of one of the best universities in the world. 91 percent of all oxford students are satisfied with the course. Get the facts about Oxford city here.

Oxford University Facts 2: the dropout rate

One of the universities in the UK which has the lowest drop rate is Oxford. The national average of the drop out students is 6.7 percent, while Oxford University only has 1.2 percent of drop out student.


Oxford University Facts

Oxford University Facts

Oxford University Facts 3: employment

Many students want to go to Oxford after they finish the senior high school because of the high employment rate. Do you know that six months after graduating from the university, 94 percent of Oxford student get a job?

Oxford University Facts 4: the continuing education

Each year, the department for continuing education receives more than 15,000 enrollments.

Oxford University Image

Oxford University Image

Oxford University Facts 5: the largest employer in Oxfordshire

In the region of Oxfordshire, the university which includes the Oxford University Press and colleges is called as the largest employer.  Each year, it gives £750 million for the regional economy and 16,500 jobs for the people.

Oxford University Facts 6: competitive university

Not all people can go to Oxford. This university is very competitive. In 2014, there are only 3,200 undergraduates places competed by 17,200 applicants.

Oxford University Pic

Oxford University Pic

Oxford University Facts 7: reduction of fee

The students who have the lowest income will gain support from Oxford University.  They can get it from the fee and bursaries reduction. In three years, the total reduction is around £20,000.

Oxford University Facts 8: cost for bursaries

The total amount of bursaries that Oxford University spends each year is around £7 million.

Oxford University Pictures

Oxford University Pictures

Oxford University Facts 9: graduate program

There are 300 different graduate programs that the students can choose if they want to be enrolled at Oxford University.

Oxford University Facts 10: application for enrollment

In 2012/2013, there were 19,969 applicants for the graduate program in Oxford. Do you know that 75 percent of the applicants are from outside United Kingdom?

Oxford University

Oxford University

In 2014, Oxford gives 1,000 full scholarships from the master and doctoral students. Do you want to give suggestion on facts about Oxford University?

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