10 Interesting Penn State Facts

Monday, October 6th 2014. | Education

If you like to know more about the education in United States, you have to check Penn State Facts. People always recognize that the Penn Staters like to become the first one in any kinds of fields. This university can be seen spanning from Erie to Philadelphia. There are many kinds of fun facts that you can check from Penn State. Check the following post below for the detail information.

Penn State Facts 1: Berkley Creamery ice cream cones

One of the most popular foods in Penn State is Berkley creamery ice cream. Do you know that 2,500,000 pieces of ice cream cones are eaten by the people in Penn State?

Penn State Facts 2: the electricity bill

Can you guess the cost of the electricity bill that Penn State has to pay for the University Park?  The official has to spend at least 17,409,222 every year.

Penn State Campus

Penn State Campus

Penn State Facts 3: new mattresses

During the last summer, Penn State has to spend 290,000 dollar to buy 2,569 new mattresses for the hall. We can find out that Penn State really concerns with the facilities of their university.

Penn State Facts 4: Alumni Association

Each educational institution has their own Alumni association just like Penn State.  The members of this alumni association in Penn State are around 161,234 people.

Penn State Facts

Penn State Facts

Penn State Facts 5: a match

One of the fascinating matches was in Beaver Stadium where Penn State won over Nebraska with the end of the result of 40-7. The match was held at the stadium on 14 September 2002. There were 110,753 people who witnessed the game.

Penn State Facts 6: application of admission

In 2009, Penn State received 109,000 applications for admission. They were for all campuses in Penn States which also included World Campus, College of Medicine and Dickinson School of Law. Get facts about Pennsylvania here.

Penn State Football

Penn State Football

Penn State Facts 7: the second library

You can find at least 50,000 books kept inside the second library in Penn State. It was opened in 1904. The fund for this library was from the famous industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Today, there are more than 5.3 million books and 88,000 serials inside the library.

Penn State Facts 8: videos, films and DVDs

The university also has videos, films and DVDs. You can find 22,000 pieces of those collections in Penn State.

Penn State Logo

Penn State Logo

Penn State Facts 9: employees

The University employs 44,000 people for full time and part time jobs in many locations of the university.

Penn State Facts 10: hot dogs

The home official game in Penn State is always the main concern for all students. They would love to support the team. In average, there are 11,500 pieces of hot dogs sold in the game.

Penn State Match

Penn State Match

The team of Penn State has won 393 games since 1966. It was headed by the football coach Joe Paterno. Are you impressed with facts about Penn State?

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