10 Interesting Duke University Facts

Friday, January 3rd 2014. | Education

Get the information about Duke University facts in this post. If you decide to enroll in the university, ensure that you can get the right universe which suit your budget and taste. One of the best universities in US is at Duke University. You can find out about this university in the post below:

Duke University Facts 1: motto

Duke University has a motto. In Latin, it is Eruditio et Religio. The meaning of this motto in English is Knowledge and Faith.

Duke University Facts 2: location

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina, United States. This campus is built in the area of 34.3 square kilometer or 8,470 acres.

Duke University facts

Duke University facts

Duke University Facts 3: former names

Now the university is called as Duke University.   In the past, it had different name. In 1838 to 1841, it was named Brown School. In 1841 to 1851, it was named Union Institute. In 1851 to 1859, it was named Normal College. In 1859 to 1924, it was named Trinity College.

Duke University Facts 4: the founding father

The private research university is established by the Methodists and Quakers in 1838. The university is named Duke University to honor the father of the tobacco and electric power industrialist of James B Duke. His father’s name was Washington Duke.

Duke University, Durham

Duke University, Durham

Duke University Facts 5: University Ranking

Even though it is not good as Harvard or Oxford, people can admire the quality of this university. The Times Higher Education World University Ranking places this university in the 17th position.

Duke University Facts 6: QS World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings in 2013 placed this university in the 23rd position. In 2012, this university took the 7th position of the list of power factories.

Duke University, US

Duke University, US

Duke University Facts 7: Blue Devils

Blue Devils are the athletic teams of Duke Universe. The teams won the 12 national championships in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Duke University Facts 8: the basketball team

The basketball team in Duke University is also great. It has won four national championships.

Duke University

Duke University

Duke University Facts 9: the Washington Duke Building

In 1911, the Washington Duke Building was damaged because of fire. It was actually one of the first buildings that people can see in Durham. This building is usually called as the old man.

Duke University Facts 10: fund

The James B. Duke, the founder of the Duke University gave the trust fund around $40 million in 1924 to develop the Duke Endowment.

Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel

With sufficient fund, the Duke University grows bigger until this present day. People can learn many subjects here including engineering. Are you fascinated with facts about Duke University?

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