10 Interesting UC Davis Facts

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UC Davis Facts talk about a public research university located in Davis California. It is included as a part of 10 campuses in UC system. People often called it Davis, UCD or even University of California, Davis. Talking about its enrollment, it takes the third place in a 10-campus system. UC Davis is known as the university with high level of research activity and comprehensive doctoral research by the Carnegie Foundation. Let us check other interesting facts about UC Davis below:

UC Davis Facts 1: the programs

It offers the potential students with various professional and graduate programs in the field of business management, veterinary medicine, law, nursing, education and medicine.

UC Davis Facts 2: the School of Veterinary Medicine

In 2015 and 2016, the School of Veterinary Medicine of UC Davis earns the title as the first in United States.

Facts about UC Davis

Facts about UC Davis

UC Davis Facts 3: the location of UC Davis

Actually, UC Davis is located nearby the City of Davis even though the campus earns the city’s name. The primary campus is located nearby Interstate 80. Get facts about UCLA here.

UC Davis Facts 4: the Quad

The historic geographic center of UC Davis was located in the Quad. The location of this large rectangular field is at the northeast side of the campus. The four sides of the Quad once were surrounded by the campus buildings.

UC Davis History

UC Davis History

UC Davis Facts 5: the Quad today

The Quad still plays a prominent role today for it still serves as the center of campus. The Wellman Hall is seen to the west, while the Olson Hall is spotted to the Southeast. The Shields Library is to the south. The Memorial Union is found to the north.

UC Davis Facts 6: Antoine Predock

Antoine Predock was the designer for the labyrinthine Social Sciences and Humanities building. It has metallic and angular design, which earns the building the title as the Death Star.

UC Davis Images

UC Davis Images

UC Davis Facts 7: the Arboretum Waterway

The Arboretum Waterway is one of the notable buildings in UC Davis. The nearby location is occupied by Animal Sciences buildings and Equestrian Center.

UC Davis Facts 8: the agricultural research land

If you want to spot the agricultural research land in UC Davis, you can go to the West Campus. UC Davis West Village was located here. Find facts about UC Berkeley here.

UC Davis

UC Davis

UC Davis Facts 9: West Village

UC David also has West Village.  The 343 single family houses and 662 apartments will be built for 3,000 the students, staffs and faculty.

UC Davis Facts 10: the faculties

West Village will feature study facilities, a recreation center and commercial space.

UC Davis Dorm

UC Davis Dorm

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