10 Interesting Fred Astaire Facts

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If you have a lot of film collections, you need to read Fred Astaire facts. Astaire is one of the famous actors in the world. His acting ability was appreciated by many people all over the world. People love him because of his wonderful face and acting skill. Find out more about Astaire in the following post below:

Fred Astaire Facts 1: real name

Fred Astaire was only a stage name for him.  Actually he was born with the real name of Frederick Austerlitz II.

Fred Astaire Facts 2: date of birth

Astaire was an American actor. He was born on May 10th, 1899 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Fred Astaire Actor

Fred Astaire Actor

Fred Astaire Facts 3: dancing lesson

Astaire was a good dancer. There is no need to wonder that people are impressed when seeing dancing. He took dancing lesson. In 1905, He started to become a professional dance with Adele, his sister in Vaudeville.

Fred Astaire Facts 4: Ginger Rogers

In 1930, when Astaire went to New York, he met Ginger Rogers. Both met a couple times. Fred continued said that’s only a simple relation. However, both Ginger and Fred tell different thing based on their version in the autobiography.

Fred Astaire Facts

Fred Astaire Facts

Fred Astaire Facts 5: marriage life

On July 12th 1933, Fred married to Phyllis Baker Potter. Both had two children. Their names were Fred Junior and Ava. From the preceded marriage, Phyllis had a son. His name was Peter. Both of them were couple until Phyllis passed away in 1954.

Fred Astaire Facts 6: Flying Down to Rio

Flying Down to Rio was the first movie which featured Ginger and Fred working together in a similar film. You can watch this movie that it is very recommended for you.

Fred Astaire Image

Fred Astaire Image

Fred Astaire Facts 7: interest

Fred was very interested with a horse racing activity. On 24th June 1980, Fred married to his second wife named Robyn Smith.  Her former work was as a former jockey.

Fred Astaire Facts 8: Zippy comic strip

Zippy comic strip features this wonderful man in several times. You can find out the old version to know the pics of Astaire.

Fred Astaire Pic

Fred Astaire Pic

Fred Astaire Facts 9: accordion

We know that Astaire was a very talented man. He could dance and act. One thing for sure, he also played accordion well. Not many people notice this musical talent of his.

Fred Astaire Facts 10: the first sound movie

The first movie featured Astaire in the sound movie was in Dancing Lady. He only did as a small part in a movie starred Joan Crawford.

Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire

In 1981, Mikhail Baryshnikov stated that Astaire was a perfect dance when he addressed the AFI Life Achievement Award Ceremony. Are you interested to find out more on facts about Fred Astaire?

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