10 Interesting JJ Thomson Facts

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The famous British physicist who got Nobel Prize is explained in JJ Thomson facts. He was born on 18 December 1956 and passed away on August 30, 1940. His full name is Joseph John Thomson. Find out more about his research and experiment in the following post below:

JJ Thomson Facts 1: cathode rays

JJ Thompson was famous as physicist. He made many experiments about cathode rays by showing the people that it was created from the unknown negative charged particle in 1897.  Then, he found out that negative particle was electron. The credit of the identification and discovery of electron went to him.

JJ Thomson Facts 2: isotopes

Another experiment that he had done is about the canal ray’s composition. He created the evidence of the stable isotope for the non radioactive element in 1913.

JJ Thomson Experiment

JJ Thomson Experiment

JJ Thomson Facts 3: Nobel Prize

With such wonderful discovery, Thompson got a Nobel Prize in 1906 in physic. He got this award because of his work in the conduction of electricity gases and the discovery of electron.

JJ Thomson Facts 4: family life

Let’s talk a bit about his family life. His father was Joseph James Thompson. He inherited an antiquarian bookshop. His mother was Emma Swindells coming from a local textile family. Find out ideas about the prominent scientist in James Watt facts.

JJ Thomson Facts

JJ Thomson Facts

JJ Thomson Facts 5: brother

JJ Thompson has a brother. He was Frederick Vernon Thompson. His younger brother is two years younger than him.

JJ Thomson Facts 6: early education

Thomson only went to small private schools for his early education. Since his childhood time, he developed interest to learn more about science.

JJ Thomson Pic

JJ Thomson Pic

JJ Thomson Facts 7: Owens College

It was very surprising to know that the 14 year old Thompson went to the Owens College in 1870. He was so young at that time.

JJ Thomson Facts 8: a future plan

His parents made a plan about his future. They wanted him to become an apprentice engineer to a locomotive manufacturer Sharp-Stewart & Co. however; the plan was not realized due to the death of his father in 1873.

JJ Thomson Young

JJ Thomson Young

JJ Thomson Facts 9: Trinity College

He got a BA in Mathematics from The trinity College, Cambridge in 1880. He was awarded with Second Smith Prize and Second Wrangler. In 1883, he got MA with Adams Prize.

JJ Thomson Facts 10: Cavendish Professor of Physics

Teaching was his job. He became Cavendish Professor of Physics in 1884. Ernest Rutherford was one of his successful students.

JJ Thomson

JJ Thomson

Talking about his personal life, he married the daughter of Sir George Edward Paget named Rose Elisabeth Paget. Both had two children. Are you fascinated with facts about JJ Thompson?

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