10 Interesting Ningaloo Reef Facts

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Ningaloo Reef Facts give the detail information about the coral reef skirting located on the west Australian skyline. This coral reef has the length of 280s km.  The exact location of Ningaloo reef is around 1200 km from Perth. Here are facts about Ningaloo Reef for you:

Ningaloo Reef Facts 1: the famous coral reef

Ningaloo reef is called as the one of last healthy coral reef systems in the world. This fringing coral reef has been a major attraction in Australia. Get more facts about coral reef here.

Ningaloo Reef Facts 2: World Heritage List

Ningaloo Reef is expected to include in the world Heritage because it serves people with wonderful biodiversity and unique coral reef system.

Ningaloo Reef Facts

Ningaloo Reef Facts

Ningaloo Reef Facts 3: species

Ningaloo Reef is a home to many kinds of underwater species. You can see 300 species of corals, 500 species of fish, marine invertebrates, and 600 spices of mollusks.

Ningaloo Reef Facts 4: Whale sharks

The largest fish in the world, Whale sharks can be spotted on the Ningaloo reef. There are thousands of people swimming around the reef guided by the eco tour operators to swim along with the gentle fish.

Ningaloo Reef Image

Ningaloo Reef Image

Ningaloo Reef Facts 5: danger

The government of Australia and the local people who live near Ningaloo Reef should be aware with the series decline on the coral reef and underwater species. The human influence is the main problem on the reef continuity.

Ningaloo Reef Facts 6: Humpback whales

The migration of Humpback whales happens twice on the coral reef water.  You can spot them with the calves.

Ningaloo Reef Pic

Ningaloo Reef Pic

Ningaloo Reef Facts 7: Dugongs

Dugongs are one of the most vulnerable animals in the world. They really need protection. To get protection and refuge, most dugongs come to Ningaloo Reef.

Ningaloo Reef Facts 8: the vulnerable marine creatures

Loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles are the most vulnerable creatures located in Ningaloo Reef.  They choose the nesting, breeding and food on the coral reef system. Can you imagine if the coral reef is broken? The turtles will never get any place to survive.

Ningaloo Reef Tourist

Ningaloo Reef Tourist

Ningaloo Reef Facts 9: as a breeding and feeding site

There are many animals using Ningaloo Reef as a resting, breeding and feeding place. Those include manta rays, migratory waders and seabirds.

Ningaloo Reef Facts 10: Ningaloo Marine Park

If you are interested to visit Ningaloo Reef, you can go to Ningaloo Marine Park. The park spans on the area of west coast in Cape Range Peninsula. The reserve area in Ningaloo Park is around 2435 km square.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef

There are many kinds of facilities built around the Ningaloo Park. Therefore, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the park without damaging the area.  This marine park also serves you with many kinds of underworld activities. Are you impressed reading facts about Ningaloo Reef?

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