10 Interesting Old Faithful Facts

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If you want to know the information about one of the famous attractions in America, you have to check Old Faithful Facts. Many people love to visit it because of Old faithful is one of the recognizable thermal features in the world. But it is not linked with other thermal features in the world. Check the following post below for more information.

Old Faithful Facts 1: eruption

Even though Old faithful is an interesting object to view, you have to be careful with its eruption. In average, it erupts each 91 minutes. But the scientists find out that the interval of the eruption is increased because of the level of water.

Old Faithful Facts 2: Yellowstone National Park

If you want to view the Old Faithful, you can go to Yellowstone National Park. Each year, many people go to the Park to view the fabulous Old Faithful.

Old Faithful Facts

Old Faithful Facts

Old Faithful Facts 3: Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition

Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition discovered Old Faithful in 1870. The geyser was viewed when the expedition team wanted to go to Upper Geyser Basin along The Firehole River.

Old Faithful Facts 4: the natural phenomenon

Old Faithful amazes the people because of the natural phenomenon on the geyser. You can see the hot water spewed to the air in the height of 145 to 185 feet.

Old Faithful Image

Old Faithful Image

Old Faithful Facts 5: General Sheridan’s men

It is quite a surprising fact to know that the men of General Sheridan used the water from Old Faithful to do their laundry in 1882. The men found out that the hot water in the geyser could clean the cotton and linen garment well. But the water was not good to wash the woolen fabrics.

Old Faithful Facts 6: the water temperature

You can view the Old Faithful in a safe place when you visit Yellowstone National Park. In 1942, the water temperature in Old Faithful was 244 degrees F.

Old Faithful Pic

Old Faithful Pic

Old Faithful Facts 7: popular attractions around Old Faithful

There are many other popular attractions in Yellowstone national park. After you visit the Old Faithful, you can go to Hebgen Lake. This lake is good of the people who like fishing. Find out Yellowstone national park facts here.

Old Faithful Facts 8: location

Let’s find out the exact location of Old Faithful. You just have to go to the Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park. It is situated in Teton County, Wyoming. The geyser sits on the elevation of 2,240 meter or 7,349 feet.

Old Faithful Pictures

Old Faithful Pictures

Old Faithful Facts 9: types of Geyser

Old faithful is a unique geyser. It is included as a cone Geyser. It has the frequency of eruption at 45 to 125 minutes with the duration for 1.5 to 5 minutes.

Old Faithful Facts 10: recorded eruption

There are at least 137,000 eruptions of Old Faithful recorded till this present day.

Old Faithful Visitors

Old Faithful Visitors

Do you know Old Faithful is very famous in America? It is due to the fact that Old Faithful has large eruptions, small eruption windows, beautiful eruption and high frequency of eruption. What do you think on facts about Old Faithful?

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