10 Interesting American Flag Facts

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Are you interested to read about American flag facts? America is one of the biggest countries in the world. People love to enjoy and visit America because of the beauty and history in the country. If you like learn more about America, you should never neglect the history of their flags.

American Flag Facts 1: Betsy Ross

When you talk about the US flag, you need to note on Betsy Ross. This woman is always credited even though there is no proof that Ross is the seamstress of the first US flag.

American Flag Facts 2: New Constellation

If you look at that 1777 Flag Act, the stars located on the blue field are called new constellation.

American Flag Facts

American Flag Facts

American Flag Facts 3: Wisconsin State Flag

The first organizer of the Flag Day was B.J Cigrand.  He worked as a school teacher in Wisconsin. This man also celebrated the Flag Day with his students.

American Flag Facts 4: Flag Birthday

Not many people know that the birthday of US flag shares with the Celebration of Army Birthday. Get detail info about the country in USA facts.

American Flag Poster

American Flag Poster

American Flag Facts 5: Official Flag Colors

The Color Association of Unites States defines the flag with three main colors. Those are the old glory blue, white and old glory red. The flag is considered as the third oldest national standards in the world. If you like toknow about history, check gold rush facts.

American Flag Facts 6: Flag Day in US

Are you curious about the Flag Day in US’? It was celebrated on 14 June each year. This date was picked because the first flag of US was authorized by the US congress on 14 June 1777.

American Flag States

American Flag States

American Flag Facts 7: Journey of the First Flag

The first official flag was taken from Fort Stanwix to New York on 3 August 1777. On 6 August 1777, the flag was on fire because of the Battle of Oriskany.

American Flag Facts 8: Meaning of Flag Color

Each color used on the flag comes with a meaning. White is used to present cleanliness of life and purity. Red refers to fervency, zeal and valor. Blue refers to truth, justice, and loyalty.

American Flag

American Flag

American Flag Facts 9: Star Meaning

If you see the US flag, you can look at the white star on the blue field. It is used to represent each state in US.  Each star IS for one state.

American Flag Facts 10: Vermont and Kentucky

The first flag only contain 13 star stripes. Then in 1791 and 1972, Vermont and Kentucky respectively joined the states. The number of stars added from thirteen to fifteen. However, the star stripes remain thirteen because there were too many stripes if both were added on the flag.

National Flag of USA

National Flag of USA

The American flag is called as the Old Glory. It was presented by Captain William Driver of the brig Charles Doggett on 10 August 1831. Are you interested to know more on facts about American flag?

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