10 Interesting Roman Empire Facts

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If you are interested to know the ancient history, you have to check facts about Roman Empire Facts. The head of the Roman Empire was the emperor. His power was not only applied in Rome but also in other areas conquered by his army.  This empire held the large parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. Find out more facts about Roman Empire by reading the following spot below:

Roman Empire Facts 1: the establishment of Rome

Rome was established by Romulus in 753 BC. He was the first king of Rome. Actually the name of Rome was originally Roma.

Roman Empire Facts 2: Republic

Rome became Republic in 509 BC. Now it was the time for the senators to rule the Rome and expelled the last king of Rome. During the civil war, Julius Caesar could defeat Pompeii. Therefore, he appointed himself as the first dictator in Rome in 45 BC. The Roman Republic ended. In 44 BC, Marcus Brutus killed Julies Caesar on the Ides of March.

Roman Empire Pic

Roman Empire Pic

Roman Empire Facts 3: the beginning of Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was established in 27 BC. The first emperor was Octavius. He called himself Augustus.

Roman Empire Facts 4: Colosseum

The Roman Empire left the people an important legacy. That is Colosseum.  It was built for 12 years in 80 AD. Another important building was the Hadrian Wall. It is located in northern England. It was built in 122. The main function of the wall was to set away the barbarians.

Roman Empire Rulers

Roman Empire Rulers

Roman Empire Facts 5: a Christian empire

When Rome was burnt, Nero blamed the mistake on Christians. However, it was very surprising to know that Rome became a Christian empire in 306 under Emperor Constantine. In 380 AD, Christianity was proclaimed as the old region in Roman Empire by Theodosius I.

Roman Empire Facts 6: the split

Under the reign of Theodosius, Rome was divided into two. Both were the eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire in 395 AD. Each empire had a ruler.

Roman Emperors

Roman Emperors

Roman Empire Facts 7: Claudius

Claudius was another strong emperor besides Augustus. He began to capture some regions in Britain. He established aqueducts, canals and roads.

Roman Empire Facts 8: Trajan

Many historians believed that Trajan was the greatest Roman emperor ever. Under his reign, the Roman could conquer the new lands.  He became the emperor for 19 years.

Roman Empire Image

Roman Empire Image

Roman Empire Facts 9: the end of the Western Roman Empire

In 476 AD, the Western Roman Empire ended. The Odoacer from Germany could defeat Romulus Augustus. He was the last Roman emperor.

Roman Empire Facts 10: the eastern Roman Empire

The Ottoman Empire took over the eastern Roman Empire in 1453 AD. Get facts about Rome here.

Roman Empire Facts

Roman Empire Facts

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