10 Interesting Mosque Facts

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If you want to know the place where the Muslims go to worship the God, you have to read Mosque Facts. Mosque can be found everywhere in the world such as In India, Turkey, Middle East and Indonesia. Get more facts about mosque below:

Mosque Facts 1: masjid

Mosque is the English word for Masjid.  Masjid was derived from the Arabic word. It means place of prostration.

Mosque Facts 2: removing the shoes

If you want to go inside the mosque, you have to remove the shoes. Just inside the entrance area or outside the entrance area, you can find a place to set your shoes. Then you can do the washing ritual before the prayer.

Mosque  Middle East

Mosque Middle East

Mosque Facts 3: a bare room

Inside the mosque, you can only see a bare room. It is lack of furniture. You can find not statues or even pictures because there is no image of Allah, the God of Muslims. Find out Islam facts here.

Mosque Facts 4: equal status

Everyone who sits on the floor inside the mosque to pray to Allah comes in equal status. When the Muslims pray inside the mosque, they have to face Mecca. It is show by the mihrab, or a niche located in one wall.

Mosque at Night

Mosque at Night

Mosque Facts 5: minaret

Most mosques in the world are equipped with a tall thin tower. It is called a minaret. When the five ritual times of the day come, the muezzin will stand at the top of the minaret to call the Muslims. If you come to United Kingdom, you can see that not all mosques have minaret.

Mosque Facts 6: men and women in the mosque

The men and women have separate areas in the mosques. They can pray in different room in the mosque to avoid any distraction during the praying session.

Mosque Beauty

Mosque Beauty

Mosque Facts 7: mosques in the world

You can find many mosques in the world.  The best architecture is located in Mecca and Madinah.

Mosque Facts 8: Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

Istanbul’s Blue Mosque is very famous in the world. It was called as a blue mosque because the inside area is decorated with striking blue tiles. However, the exterior does not have any blue color.

Mosque Facts

Mosque Facts

Mosque Facts 9: six minarets

Most mosques in the world have one, two or even three minarets. People are wondered about the blue mosque because it owns six minarets.

Mosque Facts 10: The Harem Mosque

The Harem Mosque in Mecca also had 6 minarets. It raises controversy because it has similar number of minarets in Blue Mosque. The seventh minaret is added to the Harem Mosque.

Mosque Interior

Mosque Interior

The mosque is not only a place to worship. It is also a source of price. Many mosques in the world are built with wonderful architecture. It is often mixed with gold, high quality marbles, technology and tiles. Are you inspired with facts about mosque?

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