10 Interesting Puritan Facts

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Puritan Facts talk about the members of a church congregation. The name itself was used to describe the religion and beliefs of the members. In short, the puritans were against the Catholic Church. They wanted reforms to eliminate the trapping and traces of Roman Catholic Church on the Anglican Church or Church or England. Find out more about it below:

Puritan Facts 1: religious freedom

The puritans wanted religion freedom in England. In 1630, the group decided to leave England to seek the land which could offer them religious freedom.

Puritan Facts 2: the puritan belief

The main point that the puritans wanted to do was having the Church of England ‘pure’ from any Roman Catholic practices. This group wanted to purify the Church of England so that they could practice the religion based on the simple faith of New Testament, not by the catholic rituals and influences.

Puritan Facts

Puritan Facts

Puritan Facts 3: separation

The objective is for the Puritans is not to separate themselves from the Church of England. But they wanted Church of England to be reformed and back to the New Testament.

Puritan Facts 4: the reign of Queen Elizabeth

The belief of Puritan or to purify the Church of England arose during the era of Queen Elizabeth. John Calvin was the inspiration for Puritanism. Get facts about Elizabeth I here.

Puritan Image

Puritan Image

Puritan Facts 5: Calvinism

Calvinism was derived from John Calvin.  Some people often called it as the Reformed tradition. It is centered to the belief that all human beings are born sinful. Therefore, only God’s grace could save the person, not the church.

Puritan Facts 6: the church service and Bible

The church services and bible were seen differently by the Catholics and Puritans. The Catholics believed that the bible and church services should be written in Latin. On the other hand, the puritans wanted all church services and bible were written in a language that people could understand. Get facts about Bible here.

Puritan Pic

Puritan Pic

Puritan Facts 7: Pope

The Puritans did not believe that pope was ordained by God. On the other hand, the Catholics believed that pope was ordained by God.

Puritan Facts 8: the link

The link between the God and people was the priest based on the Catholics point of view. But Puritans believed that their leaders can find God without a pope or priest.



Puritan Facts 9: the priest

The leader of Puritans is seen as the ordinary people. It means that they should live a normal life. Therefore, the leader can marry a woman. However, the priest in Catholics is seen as a devoted person to God. Therefore, he must never marry.

Puritan Facts 10: clothes

The clothes by the priest in Catholics and leader of Puritans are very different. The puritans believed in ordinary clothes. The priest in Catholics should wear the elaborate ones.

Facts about Puritans

Facts about Puritans

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