10 Interesting Pompeii Facts

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Pompeii Facts elaborate the detail information about the ancient city in southern Italy. If you want to know the ruins of the city, you just have to go to the settlement. It is located near Naples. If you come to the remains of Pompeii, you can check out Mount Vesuvius because the city was built on the foot of the mountain. Find out more facts about Pompeii here.

Pompeii Facts 1: the materials

At first the ancient people only used wood as the main material to build the houses over the years. They replaced wood with stone and bricks.

Pompeii Facts 2: who controlled the city?

If you think that Pompeii was originally controlled by the Romans, you are wrong. Many historians think that it was built by the Oscan civilization in 6th century BC. Then The Samnites controlled the city. In 80 BC, it was the controlled by Romans.

Pompeii City

Pompeii City

Pompeii Facts 3: prosperity

Pompeii was called as one of the wealthiest cities in the first century AD for it was well known as a port city.   You can find many adorable features in the city such as two theaters, Roman villas, an aqueduct system, some temples and an amphitheater.

Pompeii Facts 4: earthquake

The buildings of Pompeii were destroyed significantly after they were struck by severe earthquake in 62 AD. There were inhabitants who decided to go to other Roman cities. The reconstructions were conducted several years to complete.

Pompeii Facts

Pompeii Facts

Pompeii Facts 5: another eruption

Even though Pompeii becomes one of the greatest cities in Roman era, it was very prone to volcanic eruption. In 79 AD, the mountain erupted again. The city was covered with cinders and ashes. The blast of hot air struck the city. It had the temperature at 250 degree Celsius. Learn more about cinder cone volcanoes facts here.

Pompeii Facts 6: Pliny the Younger

One famous roman writer who witnessed the eruption was Pliny the Younger. Pliny the Elder passed away during the eruption when he wanted to saved other people in the city.

Pompeii Pic

Pompeii Pic

Pompeii Facts 7: buried under the ground

Pompeii is just like the lost city. People never think that it was existed in the past for it was buried with a lot of ashes.

Pompeii Facts 8: archaeologists

Archaeologists are still working on the lost Pompeii till today. The excavation of Pompeii was started in 1748.

Pompeii Ruins

Pompeii Ruins

Pompeii Facts 9: the volcano

The people who lived in Pompeii never realized that Vesuvius was a volcano for it had never erupted for 1,800 years.

Pompeii Facts 10: sudden eruption

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius was unexpected that all people in the city never realized it before. Get facts about volcanoes here.



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