10 Interesting the Wild West Facts

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The Wild West Facts will tell the readers about the folklore, history, geography and culture of the American people which started in the beginning of 18th century and ended in 1912. It is often called as the American Frontier. The latter word was used to call a region located at the west of the Mississippi River in the 19th century.  The one, which gained the wide attention, was the period in the second half of 19th century, which depicted the Western United States. This period is often called as the Wild West or Old West.  The violence and romance toward the period were often exaggerated. Let us get other interesting ideas about the Wild West below:

The Wild West Facts 1: the Wild West and its history

When talking about the history about the Wild West, it reminds the people with the establishment of states, market development and community defenses.

The Wild West Facts 2: the life in America

The life in America at that time was contributed by the period of Wild West for it was about the conquest and survival. People began to have treaties with the Native American tribes or even foreign nations. The town, ranches and farms were also built to establish the economy.



The Wild West Facts 3: the transformation

It was believed that the Wild West saw the transformation of the European people into the Americans based on the theory of Historian Frederick Jackson Turner. Get facts about the United States of America facts here.

The Wild West Facts 4: the values

The values found in the Wild West include individualism, optimism, democracy, and equality.

the Wild West Facts

the Wild West Facts

The Wild West Facts 5: The Wild West in films and fictions

The Wild West was often used as the theme or subject in various films and fictions.

The Wild West Facts 6: the movement

The movement of Wild West was spotted westward. The east one moved into California and Nevada, while the south moved into Florida. The north moved into Maine and Vermont.

Wild West

Wild West

The Wild West Facts 7: the Midwest and American South

The Midwest and American South were not included as the West. However, both also shared the frontier history. Check facts about the West Region here.

The Wild West Facts 8: the American West

The term American West is most popular in 21st century. It is used to refer to the west areas of Mississippi River.

fur trade

fur trade

The Wild West Facts 9: the West in the colonial era

The politicians and settlers were in favor to live in the west during the colonial period before 1776.

The Wild West Facts 10: the beginning of American frontier

In 1607, the English settled in Jamestown, Virginia, which marked the beginning of American frontier.

Facts about the Wild West

Facts about the Wild West

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