10 Interesting the Number 15 Facts

Wednesday, September 14th 2016. | Science

Here are the interesting The Number 15 Facts which talk about the natural number which occurs before 16 and after 14. The spelled name of 15 only consists of 7 letters. Therefore, it is considered as the smallest natural number in English. People with English as their foreign language are often confused to differentiate number 15 and 50 because both sound similar in spoken English.

The Number 15 Facts 1: number 15 in chemistry

In Chemistry, the pnictogens are found in the periodic table in group 15. Phosphorus has the atomic number 15.

The Number 15 Facts 2: an emergency number in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you need to dial 15 for it serves as an emergency number. Number 15 that you dial from the mobile phone has similar function with number 112. If you dial 112 in the country, it will be routed into number 15.

 the number 15 facts

the number 15 facts

The Number 15 Facts 3: number 15 in Sunnism

Number 15 is important in Sunnism. The deeds will be recorded when one reaches the age of 15 in the lunar or solar calendar.  Get facts about number 13 here.

The Number 15 Facts 4: Tu Bishvat

The Jews celebrate Tu Bishvat in the 15th day of Shevat month. On the 15th day of Tishrei, the Jews will have Sukkot.

the number 15

the number 15

The Number 15 Facts 5: 15 players in sport

There are several types of sports which employ 15 players in the major Gaelic games. They include camogie, Gaelic football for women, and Gaelic football for men and hurling.

The Number 15 Facts 6: number 15 in baseball

There are only 15 baseball teams which play in Major League Baseball in National League and American League.

the number 15 pictures

the number 15 pictures

The Number 15 Facts 7: the age of 15

The age of 15 is very important for a Hispanic girl for she will have her quinceanera. The girl will be called as a beautiful girl or la Nina Bonita. There will be celebration during the quinceanera.

The Number 15 Facts 8: a gun salute

The Navy and Coast Guard Vice Admirals, Air Force Lieutenant Generals, Marine Corps and Army employ 15 guns in a gun salute.

the number 15 pic

the number 15 pic

The Number 15 Facts 9: Chinese calendar

In the Chinese calendar, each of 24 cycles feature 15 days.  Get facts about number 10 here.

The Number 15 Facts 10: number 15 in rugby union

There are 15 players in each team in rugby union. The starting fullback will wear number 15 for his jersey number.

the number 15 images

the number 15 images

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