10 Interesting the Gateway Arch Facts

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Let’s check the interesting monument located in St. Louis, Missouri on The Gateway Arch Facts. It has the height at 192 meter or 630 feet. It takes the record as the tallest arch in the world. The arch is made in the form of a weighted and inverted structure. The clad is made of stainless steel. It is considered as the tallest accessible building in Missouri. In Western Hemisphere, it is called as the tallest man-made monument. Here are other interesting facts about the Gateway Arch below:

The Gateway Arch Facts 1: the fame

Gateway Arch is always associated as a symbol of St. Louis. It always reminds the people with the city. Moreover, it is also used as the focal point in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.

The Gateway Arch Facts 2: Eero Saarinen

In 1947, Eero Saarinen designed the Gateway Arch. He was a Finnish American architect.

Facts about The Gateway Arch

Facts about The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch Facts 3: the construction

On 12 February 1963, the construction of Gateway Arch was started. On 28th October 1965, the construction finished. Find facts about Buckingham Palace here.

The Gateway Arch Facts 4: the cost and public opening

On 10th June 1967, the Gateway Arch was opened for the first time for public. This building cost $13 million. In 2015, the cost was equal with $190 million.

The Gateway Arch Facts

The Gateway Arch Facts

The Gateway Arch Facts 5: the size of Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch has the height and width at 192 meter or 630 feet. It takes the record as the world’s tallest stainless steel monument.

The Gateway Arch Facts 6: the wall of Gateway Arch

You can spot the stainless steel skin covering located at every wall in this structure. The peak area features carbon steel.

The Gateway Arch Image

The Gateway Arch Image

The Gateway Arch Facts 7: the secured The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is a secured structure. It stands strongly for it can resist to the wind with the speed at 240 km per hour or 150 miles per hour. The earthquake can be resisted too.

The Gateway Arch Facts 8: the weight

Do you know the weight of the Gateway Arch? The total weight is 38,898 t or 42.878 short tons. The weight of the structural steel interior reaches 1,957 t or 2,157 short tons. The concrete used in the structure has the weight at 23,570 t or 25,980 short tons.

The Gateway Arch Pic

The Gateway Arch Pic

The Gateway Arch Facts 9: the number of visitors in the first year

During the first year since the opening, there were 619,763 tourists reached the top of Gateway Arch.

The Gateway Arch Facts 10: a National Historic Landmark

On 2nd June 1987, Gateway Arch was included as a National Historic Landmark. Get facts about the Forbidden city here.

The Gateway Arch Pictures

The Gateway Arch Pictures

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