10 Interesting Hedingham Castle Facts

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Find out the interesting building in Hedingham Castle facts. Castle is considered as an old and classic building. People love to see the castle for it can take them to a nostalgic tour. If you visit England, you can find out many kinds of old castles. One of the famous castles is Hedingham castle. See the following facts about Hedingham castle below:

Hedingham Castle Facts 1: location

The location of Hedingham castle is Essex, England. You can see that the castle is created from stone. This Norman motte and bailey castle was famous as a place of living of the Earls of Oxford. The de Vere family lived here.

Hedingham Castle Facts 2: the famous feature

The most famous feature that you can see on the Hedingham castle is seen on the second floor of the keep. You can scrutinize the banqueting hall. It stands an arch which is considered das the big one in this world.

Hedingham Castle facts

Hedingham Castle facts

Hedingham Castle Facts 3: King William the Conqueror

King William the Conqueror gave Aubrey de Vere an award as the manor of Hedingham in 1086. Then he decided to build a castle. The construction occurred from 11th to 12th century.

Hedingham Castle Facts 4: shape of the keep

The Hedingham castle was equipped with a square keep. The north to south side has the length around 18 meter or 58 feet. The east and west side has the length around 16 meters or 53 feet.

Hedingham Castle Image

Hedingham Castle Image

Hedingham Castle Facts 5: height of the keep

Are you curious about the height of the keep in Hedingham castle? The height is around 21 meter or 70 feet.

Hedingham Castle Facts 6: floor

Hedingham castle has four floors. You can find a fireplace, a central arch and great banqueting hall inside the castle. The pyramid shaped roof was removed from the top of the castle since a top floor was added during the 15th century.

Hedingham Castle Inside

Hedingham Castle Inside

Hedingham Castle Facts 7: similar plan

Many people believe that the construction of Rochester castle and Hedingham castle might be similar based on various older sources.

Hedingham Castle Facts 8: a chapel

If you decide to visit the Hedingham Castle, you can find out a chapel located within the inner bailey. It is situated to the south of the keep.

Hedingham Castle Pic

Hedingham Castle Pic

Hedingham Castle Facts 9: public vacation

The people who love to see the interior and exterior of Hedingham castle can go to this place from Easter to October. You can explore the Norman keep and ground.

Hedingham Castle Facts 10: events

There are various kinds of events that people can enjoy when visiting the castle. It is the home to the various music concerts, vintage car shows, re-enactment battles, falconry, jousting, theater and fairs.

Hedingham Castle

Hedingham Castle

The people who want to have a traditional wedding can rent this building for their wedding ceremonies. There are many private and corporate parties held here. Are you fascinated with facts about Hedingham castle?

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