10 Interesting Red Fort Facts

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Red Fort Facts tell you about one of the interesting places in India.  For more than 20 years, the Red Fort had been used as the residence of the Mughal emperor of India.   Today, The Red Fort has several museums. You can visit the Red Fort in the center of Delhi. Here are other interesting facts about Red Fort:

Red Fort Facts 1: the function of Red Fort

Red Fort had various functions in the past. It is not only used as a place for living for the Mughal emperors, family and their household, but also for the political and ceremonial center of Mughal government.

Red Fort Facts 2: Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan established the Red Fort. He was the first Mughal Emperor. He built this fort as a fortified palace for Shahjahanabad in 1648.

Red Fort Facts

Red Fort Facts

Red Fort Facts 3: the name

The name Red Fort was taken from the red sandstone enclosing walls. The walls are massive since they are used for protection. This building is the symbol of Mughal creativity due to the magnificent architectural elements.  The palace inside the Red Fort reflects the Islamic traditional. However, you can see the combination of Hindu, Persian and Timurid traditions on the each pavilion.

Red Fort Facts 4: influence

The style of Red Fort inspired other constructions of buildings and gardens in other towns such as Braj, Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Red Fort Image

Red Fort Image

Red Fort Facts 5: Red Fort Complex

Red Fort Complex includes the Red Fort and Salimgarh Fort. In 2007, the complex was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Red Fort Facts 6: an iconic symbol

Red Fort has been used as an iconic symbol for the Indian people. On 15th August, the prime minister will raise the national flag on the Independence Day. Then he will deliver the speech.

Red Fort Photo

Red Fort Photo

Red Fort Facts 7: the imperial family

Even though today we call it Red Fort, the imperial family who lived there often called it as Blessed Fort.

Red Fort Facts 8: shifting the capital

The construction of the Red Fort was commissioned in 1638. The Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to move his capital from Agra to Delhi. Get facts about New Delhi here.

Red Fort Pic

Red Fort Pic

Red Fort Facts 9: Ustad Ahmad Lahauri

Ustad Ahmad Lahauri took the credit as the architect who designed Red Fort. He also took the credit for the Taj Mahal’s construction. Get facts about Taj Mahal here.

Red Fort Facts 10:  the beginning of the construction

On 13 May 1638 in the sacred month of Muharam, the construction of Red Fort began. Shah Jahan Supervised the construction. Red Fort was finished in 1648. It spans along the Yamuna River.

Red Fort

Red Fort

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