10 Interesting LMFAO Facts

Thursday, June 19th 2014. | Entertainment

If you want to know the famous duo rapper in America, you have to check LMFAO facts. LMFAO consists of Sky blu and Redfoo. Both are nephew and uncle. This EDM rapper was famous. You can see it in Gettin’ Over You by David Guetta. Look at the following post if you want to know more about LMFAO:

LMFAO Facts 1: early life

Both Sky Blu and Redfoo grew up in LA neighborhood Pacific Palisades. In 2006, both established this rapper duo. The group soon was one of the members in electro house scene.

LMFAO Facts 2: the early attention

The journey to success is not easy for a new comer. To gain attention from the public, LMFAO needed to have performance in radio play and shows.



LMFAO Facts 3: David Guetta

As I have stated before, you can see LMFAO in the video clip of David Guetta’s Gettin’s Over You. This song of Guetta was a big hit and made LMFAO famous. In the UK singles Chart, it was located in the first position. Check David Guetta facts here.

LMFAO Facts 4: Party Rock Anthem

Party Rock Anthem is the best song of LMFAO. This song made the group get critical acclaim.  It was positioned in number one in New Zealand’s, US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and Belgium.



LMFAO Facts 5: sales

The sales of Party Rock Anthem as a digital single were magnificent. It 2011, it was sold in 9.7 million copies. Therefore, the song is considered as the third best selling digital single in the world. After the success of the song, LMFAO decided to have a long hiatus. We do not know why.

LMFAO Facts 6: early career

Let’s talk about the early career of LMFAO. In 2006, the groups joined the electro house club scene in LA. It was in the same group with Adam Goldstein and Steve Aoki.



LMFAO Facts 7: demos

The demo that LMFAO had created made will.i.am, the best friends of Redfoo introduced the group to Jimmy IOVINE who was the head of Interscope. Due to the fantastic demo, the group signed a contract with will.i.am music and Interscope.

LMFAO Facts 8: Party Rock EP

Party Rock EP was released on the iTunes music store on 1 July 2008. On 7 July 2009, LMFAO released the full album.



LMFAO Facts 9: album chart

In the Billboard 200, the album was ranked on the 33rd position. In US Dance Chart, it was placed in the second position.

LMFAO Facts 10: I’m in Miami Bitch

I’m in Miami Bitch was the first single by LMFAO. On December 2008, it was released widely. In Canada, it reached number 37. In Billboard Hot 100, it was positioned in number 51.



If you are interested to know the detail songs of LMFAO, you can check the video and songs on YouTube. Do you have any opinion on facts about LMFAO?

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