10 Interesting Gobi Desert Facts

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | Places

Gobi Desert facts give the full information about one of the greatest deserts in the world. In Asia, Gobi is considered as the largest desert. In the world, it is ranked as the fifth largest desert in the world. Here are the full facts about Gobi Desert:

Gobi Desert Facts 1: location

Let’s talk about the location of Gobi desert. It spans on the northwestern part of China. This desert is also seen in the south part of Mongolia. On the border of the desert, you can see grassland and Altai Mountains.

Gobi Desert Facts 2: temperature

The temperature the desert can increase and decrease rapidly. You have to be careful with the rapid fluctuation. In a few days, it can go from 25 degree F to -30 degree F.  It can also go beyond 122 degree F.

Gobi Desert  View

Gobi Desert View

Gobi Desert Facts 3: snowfall

You will think that there is no snowfall in the desert. It occurs in Gobi desert. The dunes of this area mostly are covered with snows. This is a rare view in many deserts in the world.

Gobi Desert Facts 4: area

Gobi desert spans on the area of 500,000 square miles.

Gobi Desert facts

Gobi Desert facts

Gobi Desert Facts 5: animals

The animals living in the Gobi desert are various. You can see bears, camels, golden eagles, gazelles, snow leopards and golden eagles.

Gobi Desert Facts 6: plants

Even though the desert is very arid, it has more than 400 different kinds of plants. Gobi desert is also a home to the first dinosaur eggs.

Gobi Desert Pic

Gobi Desert Pic

Gobi Desert Facts 7: wind speed

You need to be careful with the wind speed in the desert. It can reach the speed of 85 miles per hour.

Gobi Desert Facts 8: expansion

From time to time, the desert is expanding. In years, it expands around 1390 square miles to the south area of China.

Gobi Desert Sand

Gobi Desert Sand

Gobi Desert Facts 9: ecosystem

There are five different areas of ecosystem in Goby deserts. Those are the Junngar Basin Semi-Desert, the Eastern Gobi Desert Steppe, the Alashan Plateau Semi-Desert, the Tian Shan Range and the Gobi Lakes Valley Desert Steppe

Gobi Desert Facts 10: desertification

As I having stated before the Gobi desert is expanding. It makes the Chinese government worried about this situation. To slow down the price of expansion, the government decided to have a new forest

Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

One of the forest barriers that you can see in China is Great Wall of China. Are you interested with facts about Gobi desert?

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