10 Interesting Spanish Food Facts

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Spanish Food Facts present the interesting information about the cuisine which reflect the Spanish cooking style and culture. The cuisine of Spain is influenced by other regions in the world. During the occupation of the Romans, the custom of collecting and eating mushroom was introduced in the country. Until today, you still see the habit. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Spanish food below:

Spanish Food Facts 1: the Spanish cuisine in middle ages

The Arabs and Berbers were the Muslim troops who conquered Spain in 711 AD. The new ingredients were brought by the troop to Spain from the Muslim world such as India and Persia. The interesting ingredients included almond, orange, peach, watermelon, sugar cane, rice, spinach, sorghum, lemon and eggplant. Get facts about rice noodles here.

Spanish Food Facts 2: the new culinary elements

The new culinary elements were found in Spanish food after the discovery of America in 1492. The Spanish people began to use chocolate, paprika, bell pepper, corn, potato, cucumber, spicy paprika, and vanilla to cook their food.

Spanish Food

Spanish Food

Spanish Food Facts 3: the large midday meal

The large midday meal in Spain is called La comida. This meal time is conducted from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm. The food served includes pasta dish, soup, a meat fish dish, and salad. Cheese or fruit can be used as a dessert.

Spanish Food Facts 4: the Andalusian food

There are two types of Andalusia food. Both are the coastal and rural foods.

Spanish Food Facts

Spanish Food Facts

Spanish Food Facts 5: Gazpacho

Gazpacho is considered as the most famous Spanish food in the world. The ingredients of this food include olive oil, five vegetables, vinegar, bread, salt and water. If you are interested to try other cold soups, you can taste salmorejo, Zoque and pulley.

Spanish Food Facts 6: the hot soup

There are various Spanish hot soups to try. You can enjoy dog stew. It is fish soup with orange juice. The car soup is made with bread.

Spanish Food Ingredients

Spanish Food Ingredients

Spanish Food Facts 7: the meat dishes

If you are in Spain, don’t forget to try the meat dishes. You can try gypsy, oxtail, pringá and flamenquín.

Spanish Food Facts 8: the common drinks

The common drinks to enjoy in Spain are sherry brandy, Malaga, flamenquín, Jerez and anise. Get facts about potato here.

Spanish Food Menu

Spanish Food Menu

Spanish Food Facts 9: Aragonese cuisine

The popular Aragonese foods include the Almojábanas de Cerdo, roasted pork leg, roasted pork leg, roast lamb, migas con chocolate, and many more.

Spanish Food Facts 10: Asturian cuisine

The examples for the Asturian cuisine include carne gobernada, rice pudding, Asturian bean stew, carbayones, frisuelos and many more.

Spanish Food Pic

Spanish Food Pic

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