10 Interesting Stevenage Facts

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Stevenage Facts present the information about the borough or a town in Hertfordshire, England. The location of this town is between Welwyn Garden and Letchworth Garden City. The former one is located to the south, while the latter one is situated to the north. If you are in central London and you want to visit Stevenage, you can reach it easily for it is located 50 km north. Check other interesting facts about Stevenage below:

Stevenage Facts 1: the population in Stevenage

The population of the people in Stevenage was increased from time to time. In 1801, the town was inhabited by 1,430 people. In 1901, there were 4,049 people who lived here. In 2001, it was occupied by 79,724 residents. In 2007, the census found out that there were 84,651 people who inhabited the town.

Stevenage Facts 2: the largest increase of population

In 1950s and 1960s, Stevenage had the largest increased population. It was the period after Stevegane gained the status as a new town in England based on New Towns Act of 1946. Get facts about Sochi here.

Stevenage Landmark

Stevenage Landmark

Stevenage Facts 3: the movies

Can you mention the movies which used Stevenage as the setting? They are Boston Kickout and Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. Spy Game was set in Washington D.C., but some parts of the movie were set in Stevenage.

Stevenage Facts 4: the well known sport figures

There are various sport figures that come from Stevenage. Those are Lewis Hamilton, Ashley Young, Kevin Phillip, and Ian Poulter.

Stevenage Town

Stevenage Town

Stevenage Facts 5: the sport clubs

There are many sport clubs that you can find in Stevenage. The renowned ones include Stevenage Town Rugby Club and Stevenage Borough Ladies FC. The latter club is the football team for women.

Stevenage Facts 6: Fairlands Valley

One of the interesting places to visit in Stevenage is Fairlands Valley. You can find boating lakes here and also parkland.



Stevenage Facts 7: the green town

People love to come to Stevenage because it has a lot of greenery. You can find Monks & Whomerley Wood in the town.  The woodland in Stevenage is very easy to access. It is considered as the ancient woodland in the area. Don’t forget to check Norway maple in town.

Stevenage Facts 8: the playing ground and playing fields

The students in Stevenage are able to access the playing ground at schools such as at Longmeadow Primary School and Barnwell and Ashtree Primary School.

Facts about Stevenage

Facts about Stevenage

Stevenage Facts 9: the art center

Visit Roaring Meg Retail Park if you want to know the art center built by the small community in Stevenage. Find facts about Sheffield here.

Stevenage Facts 10: the famous people who were born in Stevenage

There are many well known people who were born in Stevenage. Those include the theatre theorist Edward Gordon Craig, the sculptor Harry Bates, Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton and the explorer Andrew Croft.

Stevenage Facts

Stevenage Facts

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