10 Interesting Spike Milligan Facts

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Find out the interesting information about soldier, musician, writer, comedian, actor, playwright and poet in facts about Spike Milligan. He was born on 16 April 1918 as Terence Alan Milligan. He died on 27 February 2002. His mother was English, and his father was Irish. This Anglo Irish man spent his early life in India. He was in United Kingdom during the working life. Here are other interesting facts about Spike Milligan below:

Spike Milligan Facts 1: the first name

Spike Milligan did not like the first name. After he heard a band Spike Jones and his City Slickers on Radio Luxembourg, he started to call himself Spike. Find facts about Shaun White here.

Spike Milligan Facts 2: The Goon Show

The Goon Show was very popular. Milligan was included as the main cast, writer and co creator of the show. He played various roles. The notable ones include Minnie Bannister and Eccles characters.

Spike Milligan Facts

Spike Milligan Fact

Spike Milligan Facts 3: books

Milligan edited and wrote books. Milligan also served in the World War 2.  Therefore, he was capable of writing seven volumes autobiographical. The first book was Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall. Get facts about Seamus Heaney here.

Spike Milligan Facts 4: poetry

As I have stated before, Milligan was also a poet. Most of them were written for kids. The famous one was Silly Verse for Kids.

Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan Facts 5: the oldest member

In The Goon Show, Milligan was considered as the oldest member. However, he was considered as the longest lived member and last surviving member in The Goon Show.

Spike Milligan Facts 6: the citizenship

Since he was a child of an Irish citizen, he asked his right for an Irish citizenship. He did it after he was declared as stateless by the British government.

Spike Milligan Actor

Spike Milligan Actor

Spike Milligan Facts 7: the date and place of birth

Milligan was born on 16 April 1918 in Ahmednagar, India. His father served for the Indian army. His name was Captain Leo Alphonso Milligan. His mother was Florence Mary Winifred Kettleband.

Spike Milligan Facts 8: the early life

Milligan was raised in Poona, India when he was still a child. Then he spent his childhood time in Capital of British Burma, Rangoon.

Spike Milligan Old

Spike Milligan Old

Spike Milligan Facts 9: living in UK

After spending his time in Burma, Milligan lived in UK. During the Second World War, he was a member in British Army in Royal Artillery.

Spike Milligan Facts 10: entertaining the troops

During his military service, Milligan entertained the soldiers by performing the comedy sketches.


Spike Milligan Picture

Spike Milligan Picture

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