10 Interesting Erich Maria Remarque Facts

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Erich Maria Remarque facts provide the information about the German author. He was born with the full name of Erich Pail Remark on June 22nd, 1898. There are many prominent books that he had authored. Let’s find out the complete info about him below:

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 1: parents

Remarque was raised in a working class family in Osnabrück, Germany. His father was Peter Franz Remark. His mother was Anna Maria.

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 2: army career

When he was 18 years old, he served the army during the World War I. He was transferred to the western front second compact on June 12th, 1917.

Erich Maria Remarque Army

Erich Maria Remarque Army

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 3: Infantry Regiment

He had to move to the station located between Torhout and Houthulst after Remarque transferred to the 15th Reserve Infantry Regiment. He had to spend the rest of the war in army hospital in Germany after he wounded on the neck, right arm and left leg.

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 4: teacher

When the war ended, Remarque worked as a teacher on August1st 1919. He became a teacher in a primary school located in Lohne. On November 10th 1920, he decided to end his career as a teacher.

Erich Maria Remarque Facts

Erich Maria Remarque Facts

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 5: other kinds of jobs

After he quit teaching, there are many jobs that Remarque had done. Some of them include journalist, librarian, businessman, editor and many more.

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 6: the first paid writing job

He goes his first paid working job when he worked in a Germany tyre manufacturer. His job there was for the technical writer. The company was called Continental Rubber Company.

Erich Maria Remarque Old

Erich Maria Remarque Old

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 7: The Road Back

The Road Back was his prominent book. After he finished writing this book, he purchased an villa located in Porto Ronco, Switzerland in 1931.

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 8: The Last Act

The Last Act was an Austrian film about the last day of Hitler in bunker of the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. The screen play for this movie was created by Remarque. This movie was based on the book of Michael Musmanno’s Ten Days to Die.

Erich Maria Remarque Pic

Erich Maria Remarque Pic

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 9: The Night in Lisbon

The Night in Lisbon is the last book by Remarque. It was published in 1962. In Germany, it was sold more than 900,000 copies.

Erich Maria Remarque Facts 10: Ilse Jutta Zambona

Ilse Jutta Zambona was Remarque’s first wife. She worked as an actress. Both married in 1925. In 1930, both decided to divorce.

Erich Maria Remarque

Erich Maria Remarque

Talking about his personal life, he was linked with many actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, Hedy Lamarr, and Greta Garbo. Tell your opinion on facts about Erich Maria Remarque?

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