10 Interesting the Crusades Facts

Thursday, April 14th 2016. | History

The Crusades Facts present the interesting information about military campaigns which occurred in the end of 11th century. It was one of the important events in the world. During the crusades, the Muslims controlled Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The Christians of Europe tried to capture them.  The wars came in a series. Here are other interesting facts about the crusades to note:

The Crusades Facts 1: the importance of Jerusalem

During the middle Ages, Jerusalem was considered as an important site for several religions in the world.

The Crusades Facts 2: the religions

The Muslims considered it as the site where Muhammad rose to the heaven. The site for Jesus’ crucifixion was conducted in Jerusalem. Moreover, the Jewish also considered it as an important site because of King Solomon built the original temple for God in the site.

Facts about The Crusades

Facts about The Crusades

The Crusades Facts 3: the first crusade

In the first crusade, it involved 30,000 European soldiers. You can find the knights, peasants and commoners fought for the European side. These people involved in the crusade for various reasons. Some of them wanted to go to the heaven. Others wanted to improve their fighting skill and to be wealthy.

The Crusades Facts 4: who controlled Jerusalem?

In the first crusade, Jerusalem was controlled by the Arabs. They were the Seljuk Turks. The armies from the Holy Roman Empire wanted to retake it.

The Crusades Pic

The Crusades Pic

The Crusades Facts 5: the Holy Land

The Holy Land was controlled by the Seljuk Turks. Before the event, the Christians were allowed to make a pilgrimage in the area. Then they were forbidden to come to the land in 1070.

The Crusades Facts 6: Byzantine Emperor Alexius I

The Pope tried to help Byzantine Emperor Alexius I by gathering the soldiers from the Holy Roman Empire and Franks to fight and defend the Byzantine Empire from the Turks.

The Crusades Image

The Crusades Image

The Crusades Facts 7: the most successful crusade

The most successful crusade was the first crusade which occurred in 1095 until 1099. The European armies took control of Jerusalem from the Turks. Find facts about civil war here.

The Crusades Facts 8: the second crusade

The Turks captured the city of Edessa in 1146.  The second crusade took place, but it did not end up well.

The Crusades Facts

The Crusades Facts

The Crusades Facts 9: the third crusade

Emperor Barbarossa of Germany, King Richard the Lionheart of England and King Philip Augustus of France launched the third crusade after the city of Jerusalem was captured by the sultan of Egypt in 1187. Get facts about World War 1 here.

The Crusades Facts 10: Children’s Crusade

In 1212, Children’s Crusade took place. There were 10,000 kids marching to the Holy Land.

The Crusades

The Crusades

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