10 Interesting Sicily Facts

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If you are interested to find out the largest island in Mediterranean Sea, you have to check Sicily Facts.  Regione Sicilia is the term used to call Sicily as well as the minor islands along this island.  They are considered as parts of the autonomous area in Italy. If you are interested to know the interesting places, people and culture of Sicily, check the following post below:

Sicily Facts 1: the location of Sicily

Let’s find out the location of Sicily. It is situated in the central Mediterranean Sea. People love to come to Sicily for they can enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Sicily Facts 2: Mount Etna

Sicily is famous with its Mount Etna. It is considered as the most notable landmark in the island.  Mount Etna takes the record as the tallest active volcano in Europe. It has the height at 10,990 feet or 3,350 meters.

Sicily Beauty

Sicily Beauty

Sicily Facts 3: the human civilization

The human civilization in Sicily was dated back in 12,000 BC. That’s based on the archeological evidence discovered in the island of Sicily.

Sicily Facts 4: Sicily during the middle ages

During the middle ages, Sicily was governed by different rulers such as the Normans, the Arabs, Byzantines, Vandals and Ostrogoths.

Sicily Facts

Sicily Facts

Sicily Facts 5: the man made deforestation

Since the Roman era, the man made deforestation had been conducted in the area. The island was transformed into an agricultural area. Therefore, the river was dried and the rainfall level was very low. Find out facts about Italy here.

Sicily Facts 6: the areas without forest

The areas of Sicily without forest are located in the southwest and central provinces. If you are interested to find out the forest in Sicily, you can go to the northern parts. You can find the forest located in Bosco Della Ficuzza’s Natural Reserve, Nebrodi Mountains and near Mount Etna. The largest protected natural area in Sicily is Nebrodi Mountains Regional Park. It has the total areas at 210,000 acres.

Sicily Scene

Sicily Scene

Sicily Facts 7: the fauna

Sicily is a home to different kinds of faunas. You can find out black-winged stilt, common toad, crested porcupine, Cirneco dell’Etna, hoopoe, golden eagle, pine marten, fox, Vipera aspis, peregrine falcon, least weasel, wild boar, roe deer, and many more.

Sicily Facts 8: the filming location

There are various kinds of movies filmed in Sicily. One of them is “Il Gattopardo”. Find out facts about Florence Italy here.



Sicily Facts 9: Villa Romana del Casale

Villa Romana del Casale is located in Sicily. It contained the Roman mosaics collections.

Sicily Facts 10: other interesting places to visit

The places that you can visit in Sicily include Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto, Aeolian Islands, Arab-Norman Palermo, Necropolis of Pantalica and Valle dei Templi.

Facts about Sicily

Facts about Sicily

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