10 Interesting Sagittarius Facts

Tuesday, April 21st 2015. | Mythology

Sagittarius Facts tell you about the mythology represented by the half human and half horse creature. We call it as a centaur. It has the body of a horse with four legs, while the torso is like a man. Besides being associated with a mythology, Sagittarius is also a name of a constellation and zodiac. If you want to know the story behind Sagittarius, you have to check the detail post below:

Sagittarius Facts 1: the depiction of a Sagittarius

Let’s find out the depiction of a centaur. If you check the pictures of Sagittarius, you will know that this centaur is described putting an arrow toward the heart of Scorpio. Find out another character in Poseidon facts.

Sagittarius Facts 2: the identification

It is not easy to identify Sagittarius. Several people make mistake by identifying this constellation as centaur Chiron.

Sagittarius Facts

Sagittarius Facts

Sagittarius Facts 3: the Sumerian mythology

The Sumerian mythology has its own belief about Sagittarius constellation. It was linked with a mythical creature called Crotus. This creature was depicted as a mythical creature with a satyr’s tail. The Sumerian believed that Crotus was the nurse of 9 Muses. That’s depiction was told by Eratosthenes.

Sagittarius Facts 4: a satyr, not a centaur

Eratosthenes believed that this constellation used to represent a satyr even though some people believed that it represented a centaur.

Sagittarius  pic

Sagittarius pic

Sagittarius Facts 5: Hyginus

Hyginus was the famous Roman author. He believed that Crotus is the son of Pan.  He lived in on Mount Helicon and archery was invented by Crotus. Zeus placed Crotus in the sky because he was close with the Muses who were the daughters of Zeus.

Sagittarius Facts 6: Babylonian mythology

Babylonian mythology had different story about Sagittarius.  This constellation was always associated with Nergal. It was a centaur like god. This creature was depicted with two heads of panther and human.  The stinger of a scorpion can be seen above the tail. This creature also had wings.

Sagittarius  Image

Sagittarius Image

Sagittarius Facts 7: Pabilsag

Pabilsag is the Sumerian name of Sagittarius. It is composed of the word Pabil and sag. The Sag means chief, head. On the other hand, Pabil means elder paternal kinsman. Therefore, Pabilsag was Chief Ancestor or Forefather.

Sagittarius Facts 8: Greek mythology

In the Greek mythology, Sagittarius was a centaur. It was the half horse and half human. The identity of the archer was still in debate. Find out facts about Greek mythology here.

Facts about Sagittarius

Facts about Sagittarius

Sagittarius Facts 9: what is centaur Chiron?

Some people believe that Sagittarius is Centaur Chiron. His parents were Saturn and Philyra.  His teacher was Jason who later turned him into a horse body so that he was able to escape room Rhea, his jealous wife.

Sagittarius Facts 10: Centaurus

Some people believed that actually Chirson represented the Centaurus constellation.

Sagittarius  Astrology

Sagittarius Astrology

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