10 Interesting Hestia Facts

Monday, March 24th 2014. | Mythology

Learn more about Hestia facts if you want to know the complete details of the mythological Greek goddess.  This young goddess is very beautiful. You can see her appearance in various books and painting. Let me show you about her characters, personality, appearance and family life in the following post below:

Hestia Facts 1: symbol

Let’s find out the symbol of Hestia. This goddess has a hearth and tamed fire which burns on the hearth. She is often appeared with veil. Many scripts of Greek mythology depict her as a sweet young woman.

Hestia Facts 2: characters

Hestia was an emotional woman. However, she was very care with her home and family. She is considered as a gentle, calm and constant woman.

Hestia facts

Hestia facts

Hestia Facts 3: love relationship

Hestia decided to remain virgin. She did not marry even though she could be the possible lover or wife for Apollo or Poseidon.

Hestia Facts 4: children of Hestia

Since Hestia decided to remain virgin for the rest of her life, she did not have any children. Based on the modern perspective, it is considered as an odd situation for a goddess who take care the home and hearth.



Hestia Facts 5: fire

Hestia is always associated with fire burning.  The ancient people in Greek believed that the fire of all temples was offered by Hestia.

Hestia Facts 6: Hestia Bouleia

Hestia Bouleia was one of her titles. The Hestia temple is located in bouleterion or prytaneion. In the meeting hall, you will see the public hearth of Hestia.

Hestia Statue

Hestia Statue

Hestia Facts 7: the Greek colonist

The fire from the hearth of Hestia in prythaneion will be kindled by the Greek colonists when they wanted to reach for a new land, city or town. They kept the fire until arriving in the new area.

Hestia Facts 8: statues

There are several statues of Hestia that can be found in Greek. Two of her statues are located in prytaneion in the Island of Delos. In the Greek island of Chios, you can find a vital inscription about Hestia.

Hestia Pic

Hestia Pic

Hestia Facts 9: family life

Hestia is considered as daughter of Chronos and Titans Rhea. Just like the rest of the children, Hestia was also eaten by his father Chronos. However, his brother Zeus saved all of them. Hestia asked Zeus to make her as the goddess of Hearth.

Hestia Facts 10: Aphrodite

Aphrodite is considered as the goddess of love. Hestia was one of the three goddesses in Greek mythology that could not be influenced by Aphrodite. She could not be forced to love anyone.

Hestia Fire

Hestia Fire

Hestia was the sister of Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus. As one of the twelve Olympians, she is considered as the most ignored one. Do you have any question on facts about Hestia?

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