10 Interesting Achilles Facts

Saturday, November 2nd 2013. | Mythology

Achilles facts give you the adequate information about the one of the mighty Greek warriors.   When talking about Achilles, people are centered on his lady love. The Trojan War is also something general to talk about Achilles. Here are the fascinating facts about Achilles?

Achilles Facts 1: Patroclus

Patroclus is the best friend of Achilles. Since Achilles refused to lead the army, his friend replaced him as the leader.   This man died at the hand of the powerful Trojan warrior.

Achilles Facts 2: Achilles’ deepest affections

Achilles’ deepest affection goes to Briseis. Achilles was in a feud with the Achaean King, Agamemnon because of Briseis.



Achilles Facts 3: Agamemnon

Agamemnon definitely is not a good king. He had a great feud with Achilles. He threatened him when he wanted to steal his new girlfriend Briseis and also sacrificed his own daughter Iphigenia.

Achilles Facts 4: Myrmidons

Myrmidons were the army of Achilles. They were called as ant men from Thessaly. It was the area where Achilles came. The legend stated that the army was originated from ants. However, they morphed into warriors to serve Aeacus. He was the grandfather of Achilles.

Achilles Facts

Achilles Facts

Achilles Facts 5: Odysseus

Odysseus is considered as a Greek hero. He noticed that Thetis wanted to develop an army by dressing a boy as a girl.

Achilles Facts 6: a new love for Achilles

A new lady love for Achilles was Deidamia. She was the daughter of King Lycomedes. Both married and has a son named Neoptolemus.

Achilles in Movie

Achilles in Movie

Achilles Facts 7: Chiron

Chiron is a centaur. The mythical creature is half man half horse. Thetis was considered as the mentor and overseer when Achilles was young. She also hides him from Chiron.

Achilles Facts 8: Styx

Styx is the location of the hellish stream where Achilles had an incomplete baptism. His mother, Thetis, dipped him into the river to make this baby boy invulnerable.

Achilles Statue

Achilles Statue

Achilles Facts 9: Neoptolemus

Neoptolemus is the son of Deidamia an Achilles. This son is also known as Pyrrhus.  When he grew up he will be the King Priam of Troy.

Achilles Facts 10: Shield

Shield is the bestowal armor of a hero. It made Achilles from a womanly character into a manly person.

Achilles Triumphant

Achilles Triumphant

Achilles is very unique character. He was forced by his mother to take a womanish disguise. Thetis was Achilles’ divine mother. She was a sea nymph. His mortal father is Peleus. What do you think on facts about Achilles?

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