10 Interesting Pegasus Facts

Saturday, October 4th 2014. | Mythology

If you are interested to know one of the famous mythological creatures, you can check Pegasus Facts. This winged horse is always depicted in beautiful look if you check out the Greek mythology. Do you know that Pegasus is called as the child of Medusa? Get more facts about Pegasus below:

Pegasus Facts 1: Medusa

Pegasus comes from the head of Medusa. Perseus was a Greek hero who killed Medusa by slaying her head. Get Medusa facts here.

Pegasus Facts 2: the wild Pegasus

Since her mother Medusa was dead, it means that no one has ever controlled Pegasus. This winged could fly freely. But he was very wild.

Pegasus Flies

Pegasus Flies

Pegasus Facts 3: taming Pegasus

The wild Pegasus was captured by Bellerophon. When Pegasus drank from well, he was captured by Bellerophon with a golden bridle. The goddess Athena gave him this golden bridle.

Pegasus Facts 4: adventures

There are many adventures that Bellerophon and Pegasus shared. He could tame Pegasus and made it as his personal horse.

Pegasus Pictures

Pegasus Pictures

Pegasus Facts 5: Chimera

One of the famous adventures of Bellerophon and Pegasus is when Bellerophon killed Chimera. Chimera is an evil creature who ate human being.  The tail resembled a snake, while his body resembled a goat. But he had the head in a lion shape. He was able to kill Chimera when he rode on Pegasus and chopped Chimera’s head.

Pegasus Facts 6: Mount Olympus

Bellerophon had to lose Pegasus after he decided to fly this winged horse into Mount Olympus where Zeus and other gods lived. Since it was forbidden for Bellerophon to come to Mount Olympus, Zeus made him falling from Pegasus. Even though he was not died, he was crippled after the fall.

Pegasus White

Pegasus White

Pegasus Facts 7: Pegasus and Zeus

Pegasus successfully flied into Mount Olympus. Zeus gave him a job to carry the lightning bolts for him.

Pegasus Facts 8: Pegasus’ constellation

If you study about space, you must know Pegasus’ constellation. The name of this constellation was derived from Pegasus’s name.

Pegasus Wings

Pegasus Wings

Pegasus Facts 9: characters

The strength of Pegasus lies on his ability to fly. He has wings which can be used as his symbol.

Pegasus Facts 10: weakness

Can you tell me the weakness of Pegasus? This creature can be ridden and captured.



When Medusa was killed, there are two creatures coming off her head. One is Pegasus. Another one is Chrysaor. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Pegasus?

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