10 Interesting John Marsden Facts

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If you want to get informed with the famous Australian teacher and writer, read the post about John Marsden facts. Some Australian people consider him as the civil right advocate and Australian solicitor. If you are curious to know more about this teacher and school principal, look at the post below:

John Marsden Facts 1: date of birth

Let’s find out the date of birth of John Marsden. He was born on September 27, 1950. Even though he only worked as a teacher, he was famous as a writer. Many of his books are translated into different languages such as Polish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, and French.

John Marsden Facts 2: early life

Marsden spent his childhood time in different places even though he was born in Victoria. He had lived in Devonport, Kyneton, Sydney, Tasmania and Victoria.

john marsden books

john marsden books

John Marsden Facts 3: teaching

Before he became a teacher in the age of 28 years old, Marsden has done some jobs. In 1987, his first children book with the title So Much to Tell You was published while he is still working as a teacher.

John Marsden Facts 4: books

After the first publication of his book, he began to write and edit other books.   There are 5 million of his books sold by the industry. Look at John Clare facts if you want to know the prominent English writer.

john marsden facts

john marsden facts

John Marsden Facts 5: school principal

Marsden became the school principal of Candlebark School located in 2006. This is an alternative school that he started in the year. To focus on teaching, he reduces the writing activity.

John Marsden Facts 6: Samuel Marsden

If you follow the family tree of John Marsden, you find out that he has a relation with the colonial Anglican clergyman and magistrate Rev. Samuel Marsden. John Marsden is considered as the great great great great nephew of the magistrate.

john marsden image

john marsden image

John Marsden Facts 7: early education

John Marsden studied at the King’s School, Parramatta when he was 10 years old. At that time, he moved to Sidney. Then he was enrolled to a double degree in law and arts at University of Sydney.

John Marsden Facts 8: hate the law

John Marsden was not happy with his choice at University of Sydney. He felt alienated and lonely living alone in Sydney. So he dropped the law.

john marsden old

john marsden old

John Marsden Facts 9: a hard time

It was a hard time for John Marsden to find a job which suits his interest. He was so depressed about his future. So he decided to see a psychiatrist because his thought about suicide.

John Marsden Facts 10: a teaching career

This hard time finally came to an end when he wanted to try a teaching job in 1978. He thought that teaching was a suitable job for him. He was very confident in front of the class.

john marsden

john marsden

His books are wonderful. The popularity of his books earns him some awards. In 1994, he was the winner in Australian Multicultural Children’s Book Award. In 1998, he was the winner of BILBY Awards. Do you have any opinion on facts about John Marsden?

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