10 Interesting James K Polk Facts

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James K Polk facts can be so much helpful for those who really need to know in how to look for the best quality of this man. I may provide you with more facts if you want to learn further more about him actually. This can be your basic information to recognize about.

James K Polk Facts 1: 11th US president

James Polk actually was the 11th US president. It was for the reign from 1845 up to 1849. During his tenure, the territory of America grew by more than 1/3 and may extend across the continent for the first time in fact.

James K Polk Facts 2: Tennessee legislature

During his presidency, James Polk had served in Tennessee legislature and also US Congress. In fact, he became the governor of Tennessee in 1839.

James K Polk

James K Polk

James K Polk Facts 3: democrat

You need to know that he was a democrat who also was unknown for his political circles. Polk had won the election of president in 1844 as the dark horse candidate actually.

James K Polk Facts 4: role of president

As he president of US, he had reduced the tariffs. He conducted reformation of the national banking system and also had settled a boundary dispute with the British that secured the Oregon Territory for US.

James K Polk Face

James K Polk Face

James K Polk Facts 5: Mexican-American War

This man also had led the nation into the war of Mexican-American. It was in 1846 up to 1848. By this war, United States had acquired California and much more for the present-day Southwest.

James K Polk Facts 6: promise

James Polk had kept his campaign promise as the one-term president and didn’t seek for reelection. After leaving the White House, he died in the age of 53.

James K Polk facts

James K Polk facts

James K Polk Facts 7: birth

James Knox Polk was born on November 2, 1795. It was in a log cabin in Mecklenburg. It was the part of North Carolina actually.

James K Polk Facts 8:  Columbia

When he was a boy, he moved along with his family to Columbia, Tennessee. His father became a prosperous land surveyor later as well as businessman and also painter.

James K Polk Image

James K Polk Image

James K Polk Facts 9: urinary stones

He had suffered from major for urinary stones. He also gained sickness when he was a child.

James K Polk Facts 10: politics

He had entered politics in 1823. It was when he was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives. He once opened for a law practice as well in Columbia actually.

James K Polk Pic

James K Polk Pic

If you want to get more facts about James K Polk, I recommend you to do review online first from the internet. It will be your basic consideration actually. You can also obtain the facts based on the textbook or any other different sources.

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