10 Interesting Oak Tree Facts

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Reading oak tree facts are fun and interesting for this tree is not only linked with a symbol of religion but also mythology. This tree can live more than 200 years. In a day, the big oak tree needs to absorb at least 50 gallons of water from deep down the earth. If you take a look at the leave of this tree, you can find it look unique for it has spiral with lobed margin shape. The flower of this tree grows on spring season. It is called as catskin. If you want to know more about the oak tree facts, read the following explanation below.

Oak Tree Facts 1: Dimension of Oak Tree

Oak tree is considered as one of the biggest trees in the world. The weight of the tree can reach more than 9 feet, while the height can go up to 7 feet. The tree branches can go as wide as 135 feet.

Oak Tree Facts 2: Symbols

Oak leaves are used by the United Stated Army Forces for the rank symbol. A gold leaf is used to signify the Lt. Commander or Major. Lt Colonel or Commander is identified by using a silver leaf. If you want to know other symbols, see the flower facts.

Oak Tree Facts

Oak Tree Facts

Oak Tree Facts 3: Oak Wood

Oak wood has many benefits for the life of the people. It can be used to adorn the floor, furniture and also wall paneling. This type of wood is totally hard and durable. It can resist to fungal and insect attack.

Oak Tree Facts 4: Acoms

Oak will start to create acom when it reaches 20 years. The production of acom for each tree species is not similar. There are some trees that need to wait for 50 years to generate acom.

Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

Oak Tree Facts 5: Oak Barrel

Barrels used for distilling liquors and wines are made from oak. The wooden type of barrels used for the distillation affect the flavor of the wine and liquor products.

Oak Tree Facts 6: National Tree

Oak tree is used as the symbol of a national tree in US. It represents the national strength for oak is considered as hard and strong tree. In Britain, an oak tree image is engraved in a six pence coin.

Oak Leaves

Oak Leaves

Oak Tree Facts 7: Drum

Oak of the best drums is made by using Japanese oak. This material is mostly used by Yamaha drums. Compared to the regular drum, oak drum can produce pure and loud sound. Oak offers you with hard and strong surface.

Oak Tree Facts 8: National Symbol

Oak tree is also used as a symbol for Biscay province. In a Country Londonderry, It is used as an emblem. You can also find this symbol on the University of Connecticut fitted with two white oak acorns.

White Oak Leaves

White Oak Leaves

Oak Tree Facts 9: Deciduous Tree

Oak trees always drop their leaves in a certain season. That’s why they are considered as a deciduous tree.

Oak Tree Facts 10: Varieties of Oak Trees

Oak trees are available in more than 100 species. Some of them include chestnut oak, northern oak, white oak, and black oak. We do not know whether oak can live in a desert. Why don’t you check desert facts first?

Oak Tree Brances

Oak Tree Brances

Oak tree is one of the wonderful trees that people need to preserve. People can learn much from the hardness and strength of oak tree. Based on the facts about oak tree, you can see many national emblems featured with this tree.

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