10 Interesting Cotton Facts

Wednesday, December 18th 2013. | Plants

Cotton facts for some people are really useful although for others are not. There are no downsides in learning about cotton facts. The information can be used for many things actually. You need only to read more info here. Let’s start here.

Cotton Facts 1: thorough usage

You can find that any parts of the cotton plant will be used for many things. The parts are lint, cottonseed, the shell. The most basic usage is the cotton fiber. It has the usage as the clothing apparel such as towels, bed sheets, socks, jeans, and others.

Cotton Facts 2: massive cotton

Cotton indeed becomes massive commodity around the world. The basic information is about the fact that cotton is grown globally than any other non edible crops founded. You need to understand this fact actually. It means cotton is massively grown.

Cotton facts

Cotton facts

Cotton Facts 3: increasing necessity

In the year 1940, the consumption of cotton has increased around the world. It increased within the annual growth rate in the average of 2%. This annual growth indeed is very big for people. This amount will increase as the time goes by actually.

Cotton Facts 4: many products

It is a fact that the fiber of cotton can be woven and also knitted into many different fabric products including corduroy, velvet, velour, chambray, jersey, and also even flannel.

cotton field

cotton field

Cotton Facts 5: linters

You need to know that linters are very short products of fiber which remain within the cottonseed after ginning. After it is processed and removed, it can be used to produce several products including cotton buds, x-rays, bandages, and others.

Cotton Facts 6: cottonseed oil

Do you know cottonseed oil? This kind of oil can be used to cook and also can be used in the various industrial products. Soap is the best example. There are other products including cosmetics, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and others.

cotton growing

cotton growing

Cotton Facts 7: more about cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil is cholesterol-free. It is poly unsaturated fats actually. It may contain high levels of vitamin E. Antioxidants also become the benefit of this oil.

Cotton Facts 8:  cotton stalk

You can notice about the stalk of the cotton. It will be processed as the enhancement of the petrol and also diesel blends. This also is used to enhance the matter of soil organic.



Cotton Facts 9: estimation production

If you use 227 kg of cotton fiber, you can produce at least 250 bed sheets, 750 shirts, 2,100 boxer shorts, 3,000 nappies, and many others.

Cotton Facts 10: hypoallergenic

Cotton is certain hypoallergenic product. It means you never suffer from irritation and allergies from it.



Those facts about Cotton can really become your basic information to recognize right? There are still many others if you review about the facts. You can obtain more about the information from the internet.

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