10 Interesting Enrique Iglesias Facts

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Those who love with a Latino singer need to read Enrique Iglesias facts. Iglesias is a Catholic man. He has dogs. Their names are Grammy and Lucas. If you confess to me that you are a big fan of Iglesias, you need to tell me his hobby, personality or even favorite color.

Enrique Iglesias Facts 1: residence

If you decide to be a neighbor of Enrique Iglesias, I think you should buy a house located in Miami, Florida because it is the city where the handsome singer lives.

Enrique Iglesias Facts 2: height and weight

Iglesias has the weight around 187 pounds, while the height is around 6’3”. He is a good looking man so that many women adore his body and voice.

Enrique Iglesias Ads

Enrique Iglesias Ads

Enrique Iglesias Facts 3: food

There are several favorite foods that Enrique loves to eat. You can treat him with fries, burgers, pizza and Cuban food.

Enrique Iglesias Facts 4: sport

Enrique’s favorite sport is windsurfing. He loves to go to the Caribbean Sea.

Enrique Iglesias Cute

Enrique Iglesias Cute

Enrique Iglesias Facts 5: body part

The least favorite body that he has is the skinny legs. He loves his eyes most. Even though he has a wonderful body and face, he states that he will never go for a nude pose.

Enrique Iglesias Facts 6: perfume

Enrique really loves to spread the Obsession perfume on his body. He likes it much. However, he also loves the natural smell of body. So ladies you do not need to use a lot of perfumes.

Enrique Iglesias facts

Enrique Iglesias facts

Enrique Iglesias Facts 7: sad moment

The first event in his life which made him let down was when his parents got divorce. The last time he dried when he wrote a song.

Enrique Iglesias Facts 8: what does he like?

There are many things that Enrique like in his love. He likes to watch blooper on television show.  Before his show he usually watched people in the room. He hides backstage.

English Languages

English Languages

Enrique Iglesias Facts 9: car

He loves to ride the Volkswagen bug convertible. When he was asked about the piece of clothing, his favorite item was his blue hat. He likes to eat French fries and hamburgers.

Enrique Iglesias Facts 10: dislike

There are several things that Enrique dislikes. After he has a show, he will terribly feel alone because many people leave her. It made him feel lonely. He can barely sleep because of this situation.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Talking about the first sin is when he makes his erotic dream come true. He got the first punishment he burned his dog. Are you fascinated with facts about Enrique Iglesias?

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