10 Interesting Robert Falcon Scott Facts

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Robert Falcon Scott Facts present the ideas about the explorer and officer of British Royal Navy. He was born on 6 June 1868 and passed away circa 29 March 1912. He was a leader of the famous expedition to Antarctica regions. In 1910 to 1913, he was the leader in Terra Nova Expedition. In 1901 to 1904 he was the leader in Discovery Expedition. Both of them were the expedition for the Antarctic regions. Check more facts about Robert Falcon Scott below:

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 1: the first expedition

In his first expedition, he could discover the Polar Plateau. He went to latitude 82°S and went to the Pole Plateau. It is located in South Pole.

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 2: the South Pole

On 17 January 1912, Scott wanted to reach the South Pole.  Unfortunately, his party was preceded by Roald Amundsen. This man was a Norwegian explorer who came first on South Pole. Get facts about Roald Amundsen here.

Robert Falcon Scott Image

Robert Falcon Scott Image

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 3: the plant fossils

Even though he was surpassed by Roald Amundsen, Scott could find out plant fossils in Antarctica.  He believed that Antarctica was joined to other continents and was forested in the past.

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 4: death

It was very sad to know that Scott and his party passed away during the expedition.  Probably the causes of the death were because of the extreme cold, starvation and exhaustion. They were found 150 miles from the base camp and 11 miles to the next depot.

Robert Falcon Scott Pic

Robert Falcon Scott Pic

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 5: Sir Clements Markham

Sir Clements Markham was the president of Royal Geographical Society. He had a chance to meet him in 1899 and found out a planned Antarctic expedition. Then he showed up the residence of Markham and wanted to lead this expedition on 11 June.

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 6: his death and status

He became an iconic British hero after people heard the news of his death in Antarctic. There were many memorials built for him. His legend was focused more on the causes of the disaster which made him and his members of the expedition died.

Robert Falcon Scott Pictures

Robert Falcon Scott Pictures

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 7: the family life

There were six children in the family and Scott was the third one. He was a son of John Edward and Hannah Scott.

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 8: the military tradition

The family has a military tradition since four uncles of Scott and his grandfather went to navy or army. However, his father was only a magistrate and brewer. There is no need to wonder that Scott wanted to follow the footstep of his uncle and grandparents.

Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 9: the movie

The movie Scott of the Antarctic was released in 1948. It earned the record as the third most popular movie in Britain.

Robert Falcon Scott Facts 10: the portrayal in the movie

In the movie, you can see the depiction of the harsh Antarctic condition in which the team had to survive. There are many critical scenes in the movie such as when Nansen advised him to bring only dogs and when Scott had his motors broken.

Robert Falcon Scott facts

Robert Falcon Scott facts

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