10 Interesting James Patterson Facts

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James Patterson facts will become basic things to study about. What becomes the interest thing is that James Patterson has so many things that you don’t know about. Let’s start by reading the facts I provided below. It may become your basic to study about.

James Patterson Facts 1: birth

James Patterson was born in Newburgh, New York. It was on March 22, 1947. He was American author. He also was largely known for his novels among people.

James Patterson Facts 2: Manhattan College

He attended the Bachelor of Arts in English from Manhattan College. It was along with a Master of Arts in English from University of Vanderbilt.

James Patterson

James Patterson

James Patterson Facts 3: Ph.D. candidate

James Patterson was recognized to be the candidate of Ph.D at Vanderbilt. Yet, he got a job in the field of advertising. After he retired from the job in 1996, he devoted his time in conducting writing.

James Patterson Facts 4: Evan S. Connel

He actually had his greatest influence in life. The person was Evan S. Connell. It was from his debut novel entitled Mrs. Bridge.

James Patterson Facts

James Patterson Facts

James Patterson Facts 5: Page Turner Awards

It was in 2005 when he founded Page Turner Awards and donated more than US $100,000 in the year to companies, schools, people, and institutions. The purpose is to find the effective ways spreading the fun of reading.

James Patterson Facts 6: the donation

There was also a fact that the foundation had donated more than US $850,000 to any different institutions.

James Patterson Image

James Patterson Image

James Patterson Facts 7: family

He later resides in New York and also Palm Beach, Florida. It was along with the wife named Susan and also the son named Jack.

James Patterson Facts 8:  Jack

His son, Jack, had become very huge inspiration to him related to the aspect of professional and personal.

James Patterson Old

James Patterson Old

James Patterson Facts 9: to amuse the son

His son didn’t love to read. It may become his trouble. Based on this reason, he decided to find books that his son wanted to read the most.

James Patterson Facts 10: criticism

He also suffered from criticism. There were many people provided him with critics including Stephen Kin, Maxine Paetro, Peter De Jonge, and also Andrew Gross.

James Patterson Pic

James Patterson Pic

If you want to get more facts about James Patterson, I recommend you to do review online first from the internet. It will be your basic consideration actually. Even you can gather more info about James Patterson’s facts by looking from any different sources out there whether textbooks or internet.

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