10 Interesting Carl Hiaasen Facts

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Find out the info about the famous American columnist, journalist and novelist by reading Carl Hiaasen facts. This man was born on 12 March 1953. People love to read his works because they are very interesting and fine. You can read the facts below to get the information about his works, family and early life.

Carl Hiaasen Facts 1: early life

Hiaasen lived in Plantation, Florida. His father was Kermit Odell. He worked as a lawyer. His mother was Patricia, she worked as a teacher. Hiaasen had a Norwegian decent. He was the first son from four children in the family.

Carl Hiaasen Facts 2: writing

Hiaasen was interested to write stories when he was only six years old. It was the time when his father gifted him a type writer.

Carl Hiaasen Author

Carl Hiaasen Author

Carl Hiaasen Facts 3: Emory University

When he graduated from senior high school, he decided to continue his education by entering Emory University in 1970. The Emory wheel was the student run newspaper in which he participated with satirical humor columns.

Carl Hiaasen Facts 4: University of Florida

In 1972, Hiaasen was the student of University of Florida. He decided to travel to this university from the Emory University. He got a degree in journalism after graduating from the university in 1974. At that time, he also wrote for the Independent Florida Alligator.

Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen Facts 5: reporter

His early job was becoming a reporter. He worked for Cocoa Today in 1974. In 1976, he moved to the Miami Herald.

Carl Hiaasen Facts 6: Bad Monkey

One of his favorite books is Bad Monkey. On 11th June 2013, he had a book signing and discussion in Barnes & Noble audience in New York City.

Carl Hiaasen Photo

Carl Hiaasen Photo

Carl Hiaasen Facts 7: novels

Hiaasen loved to try different field of writing. Even though he is a reporter, he loved to write novels. Those are A Death in China (1986), Trap Line (1982), and Powder Burn (1981).

Carl Hiaasen Facts 8:Hoot

In 2002, his novel Hoot was published. It was a children novel which made him earn Newbery honor award. This novel was adapted into a movie in 2006 with the similar title. It was played by Logan Lerman.

Carl Hiaasen Pic

Carl Hiaasen Pic

Carl Hiaasen Facts 9: children novels

It seems that Hiaasen is interested to create children’s novels. After the publishing of Hoot, he made other novels such as Scar, Flush and Chomp.

Carl Hiaasen Facts 10: Eragon

The adult fantasy Eragon was on the popularity because of the Hiaasen.  Other books that he wrote are Native Tongue, Tourist Season, and Strip Tease.

Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen

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